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Performance Management

Our objective is simple: Ensure your WeatherTRAK investments and landscape staff across multiple properties deliver the most savings possible.

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With HydroPoint Performance Management, you get the knowledge that someone is tracking the irrigation needs of your diverse properties every minute of every day.

But it goes beyond regulating water amounts to also ensuring your landscape maintenance contractors properly maintain and repair your irrigation system to keep it running optimally and extend its life.

Our Predictive Response Center takes the historic data from each of your sites, as well as the nuanced insights from the tens of thousands of sites being managed by our systems, to precisely tune your site to achieve maximum results at the lowest cost.

This solution is where Big Data meets Big Water.


What You Get

To ensure your properties get the level of service they need (and you require), Performance Management includes:

A Dedicated Account Manager

You have a single point of contact with someone who knows the specific irrigation needs of your properties inside out.

24/7 Monitoring And Management

Every minute of every day, HydroPoint will ensure that your irrigation system is running properly and delivering value. And we don’t just create a list of things to resolve, but actually work with your landscape contractors to keep everything running optimally.

Risk Reduction

By fixing leaks before they are lakes, and cracks before they are creeks, we extend the life of your irrigation system, preserve your landscape health, defend your hardscape, uphold the brand image you demand of your properties, and keep your properties safer for pedestrians.

Comprehensive, Portfolio-Wide Reports

By delivering executive-level reports that standardize the information you get from each of your properties, we show you the increased savings, improved system performance, and optimized health of your irrigation investments, as well as give you the ability to drill-down into any site down to the controller level in a few clicks.

Best Practices Training

We believe that given the right tools, the right information, and the right background, your landscape contractors can give you even better service. That’s why our service includes quarterly Best Practices briefs, webinars, and full access to all of the classes in our online HydroPoint University.


How much more efficient can your WeatherTRAK system get?

Based on research into our installed systems, there is an increase in savings and performance that sites can only achieve through constant monitoring, proactive maintenance, and risk mitigation. The increase differs for every site, but we have yet to find a site that didn’t see a substantial improvement in its potential to save on water and optimize the system.

How is that increase possible?

The increase applies the lessons we have learned from tens of thousands of deployments combined with the tenacity and tuning that only occur with dedicated, 24/7 attention.

How Performance Management Can Help


Start With Knowledge


Monitor, Monitor, Monitor


Predict And Analyze

Since you already own WeatherTRAK systems, we know the landscape needs of all your properties, their weather histories, and the associated water regulations at each site. That baseline is the point from which we will build.

Every minute you are overwatering or that your system is in need of repair, it is costing you money. By having us constantly monitor your properties, we ensure both get quickly resolved.

In addition to your dedicated account manager, our Predictive Response Center specialists use their years of experience, in combination with our Irrigation Analysis Engine, to deliver efficient, tested outcomes.


Partner With Landscape Contractors


Proactive System Management


Improved Hardscape

We work as an advisor to, and trusted partner with, your existing irrigation management staff. We will give them the information they need to be even better at what they do, and ensure you are getting the performance you require.

Pipes and fittings break. Weather takes its toll. Operator misuse or ignored configuration requirements result in pooling or damage to landscape health. By proactively managing your irrigation system, you lower both your expenses and your risk.

Ineffective irrigation results in runoff and pooling onto pavement that will cause damage that requires more frequent sealing or repaving.


Reduced Risk


Staff Efficiency


Standardize Reporting

You can reduce potential slip-and-fall injuries on your properties by ensuring that water is not leaking onto pavement or walkways. We also make sure you stay in compliance with local water restrictions, avoiding potentially harsh fines for overwatering or watering outside of allowed windows.

We enable your landscape contractors to deliver better service by helping them pinpoint minor issues before they become problems. And our site-level reports give local property managers deeper insight into the savings, performance, and health of the irrigation system.

We get all of your properties using one system, which sets a baseline for measuring the performance, savings, and efficiency of all of your irrigation systems and staff across your entire portfolio.

Big Data Meets Big Water

HydroPoint Performance Management is designed at every level to take your existing WeatherTRAK investments and ensure you get the most savings possible. We help your remote teams to do everything they can to protect your irrigation system, your landscape, your property, and your brand.

Budget Obstacles?

Smart Financing can cover equipment costs as well as installation and service. With our all-encompassing smart irrigation financing, there’s no excuse to delay harvesting the savings available across your portfolio of properties.

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