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Baseline Advances Flow Optimization with Next-Generation Irrigation Offerings

Wednesday, Aug 22, 2018

Using advanced new flow management technology, Baseline solutions now enable irrigation managers to build a more precise model of hydraulic structures and optimize water use based on PSI, smart water source selection, and enhanced leak detection to significantly reduce water waste and save even more time and money.

The new offerings, which are all available immediately, include:


Gives users access to a growing library of Baseline water management and site management applications

PipeView™ App

Shows real-time water allocation across an entire site and makes it easy to understand the site’s hydraulic structure at a glance

FlowStation™ App

Enables multiple irrigation controllers to share water resources

ControlPoint PFS™

Provides an all-in-one turnkey flow management solution that includes flow, master valve decoder, and pressure controls

Pressure biCoder™

Works in tandem with a pressure sensor to allow the controller to start, stop, or pause programming based on system pressure

BACNet Manager™ Enhancement

Makes even more points of the irrigation system available for manual control by building management systems

“Irrigation managers need the power to manage complex flow,” said Joe Wallace, Baseline General Manager. “We’re excited to deliver an unmatched set of smart irrigation tools that make it intuitive to manage the most complex sites, with complicated pipe infrastructures and hydraulics.”

“Baseline just made a truly great system better. Much better,” said Jim White, senior landscape contractor for Pacific Sports Turf Management. “The V16 update brings features to the Baseline 3200 control system that are nothing short of revolutionary. With enhanced flow management capabilities that now integrate real-time dynamic pressure readings, they have created a platform that no one on the planet can match.”

Firmware Updates for the BaseStation 3200™ and the FlowStation™

The latest BaseStation 3200 system update, V16, empowers users with the ability to manage flow using pressure, as well as introducing an entirely new flow management system to extend the capabilities of the solution that combines soil moisture sensor-based intelligent watering technology with weather-based irrigation best practices.

The V2 FlowStation firmware update enables the new flow management system and enables the connection to the FlowStation App (if subscribed).

Please review the instructions carefully. If you have any questions, please contact Baseline Support: 866-294-5847.

Want to Learn More?

Baseline hosted a webinar Wednesday, Aug. 15, 2018, at 1 p.m. (MDT) to review the new Flow Management products including AppManager, PipeView, the FlowStation app, and the ControlPoint PFS.

To watch the webinar click on the link below.

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