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CODE Uses Smart Irrigation and Alternative Water Sources to Help Green Roofs Thrive

Image from CODE. Living Roofs Inc.

Image from CODE Living Roofs Inc.

The Center of Developing Entrepreneurs (CODE) is a dynamic, functional workplace and green space focused on sustainability and community. The 10-story commercial campus in the heart of downtown Charlottesville, Virginia includes co-working spaces, shared amenities, and retailers. In addition to an open-air gallery, a public amphitheater, and water features, it has eight thriving, biodiverse green roofs — irrigated with Baseline smart irrigation systems.

Baseline’s engineered smart irrigation solution is the perfect fit for green infrastructure like these complex green roofs, terraces, and gardens. The CODE green roofs support over 7,000 perennials and grasses, 100 shrubs, and 75 large trees, many of which are native species. Baseline’s real-time soil moisture sensor data help protect these living assets, while also reducing the amount of water needed to keep them healthy and eliminating damaging overspray and runoff.

The campus has been LEED Platinum Certified and consumes a third of the amount of energy of a standard building, through low-emissions materials. The green roofs meet LEED requirements for native plants and regional soils — and they function as storm water management by recycling captured stormwater onsite and using it for irrigation. 

The building itself was built with up to 20% of recyclable materials, and the contractor team’s commitment to recycling diverted nearly 80% of the total construction waste from the landfill.

Designed to be collaborative and sustainable, CODE is providing a community space for the people of Charlottesville and an intentional connection to the natural world.