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Baseline: Smart Irrigation Technology for Landscape Architects

Design your next landscape with real-time sensor data in mind to improve plant health and protect the landscape asset value.

Perfect for sustainable landscapes and green infrastructure, Baseline is a sensor based irrigation control system able to dynamically respond to the landscape environment using algorithms to make smart watering decisions. Baseline is a successful irrigation technology platform trusted to manage the most significant landscape projects in the United States for more than 20 years. Landscape Architects who are looking to incorporate the latest irrigation technology into their designs and projects can request that Irrigation Designers specify Baseline. 

What sets Baseline apart is the unique ability to precisely gauge plant water requirements, and completely automate the watering process. With soil moisture sensors, flow sensors, temperature sensors, and precipitation sensors, Baseline has the right IoT device for the smart Landscape Architect. Baseline is the only irrigation system to have earned the EPA WaterSense label for both weather-based and soil moisture-based control.

Benefits of Baseline: 

  • Protects landscape asset value
  • Improves plant health, aesthetics, and productivity of green infrastructure 
  • Works for the simple pocket landscape and projects with large and complex infrastructures
  • Reduces and optimizes water consumption
  • Improves overall environmental health by reducing water runoff, erosion, and pollutants in water
  • Offers remote management options for the landscape architect/consultant
  • National distribution network and qualified installers
  • Offers factory onboarding, training, and managed services
  • Trusted since 1998 and track record of excellence in customer support

Baseline Use Cases:

Hudson Yards
  • Real estate development with plants and trees in NYC 
  • LEED Gold certified and uses Baseline to monitor soil temperatures and promote healthy growth
Verona Walk
  • Resort property with trees, lakes, and trails
  • Uses Baseline to conserve water and remotely control sites
Ascend Amphitheater
  • Includes trails, a dog park, gardens, and an event lawn
  • LEED Silver certified and uses recycled rainwater and Baseline soil moisture sensors
9/11 Memorial
  • 400 trees planted in concrete in NYC
  • Uses Baseline to optimize irrigation and have flexibility to move or change irrigation components

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