360° Smart Water Management

360° Smart Water Management

Next Generation

Smart Irrigation

Find out how you can reduce your sites' water costs by 25% to 40% by eliminating waste in the area of greatest water use – landscape irrigation.


Leak & Flow Monitoring

Find out how to get real-time 24/7 leak notification, identify water waste and theft and track your water budgets.


HydroPoint Professional Services

From training to turnkey project management, water bill analytics and 24/7 monitoring, we are laser focused on helping you save water, money and time.

What Makes Us Different?

Cloud-based platform for anywhere, anytime management
Smart Building API’s including Tridium
Industry’s most accurate weather data means a smarter solution
Industry’s most proven smart irrigation solution
Lowest total cost of ownership
Precise analytics to maximize savings

We Know
Big Data

Over 8,000,000
Data Points a Day

Accurate Water
Analytics Requires

Weather Data

When we started HydroPoint, we understood that eliminating 95% of irrigation waste with a weather based controller meant we needed the best site-specific weather data in the industry. We also saw how weather plays a role in leaks and water usage for buildings.

Climate Center

Each day, our Climate Center ingests over eight million weather data points from around the world, including over 50,000 US weather stations and hundreds of thousands of other data sources, from aircraft to radio buoys and weather sensors around the globe.

We continually import this data into our high performance computing system. Our computers run an energy balanced weather model at high speed. The model has been customized to calculating temperature, wind, humidity and solar radiation for every square kilometer of the continental US and every 100 meters for Hawaii.

Weather Stations Map

Why It Matters to Our Customers

By using big data and the cloud to calculate weather data, specifically evapotranspiration, our customers get all the benefits of site-specific weather data without all of the expense and single point of failure an onsite weather station entails. Weather stations are expensive or inaccurate, and if not properly maintained and calibrated can be both. You also need to factor in the cost of installation and replacement due to vandalism or routine wear.

This is a just one example of how HydroPoint uses new technology to save our customers water, time and money.

Since 2002 our mission has been to each and every day

deliver the greatest amount of water savings at the lowest total cost of ownership.