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Baseline releases Cloud Networking for sites

Wednesday, Jul 17, 2019

Boise, ID – Baseline launched new functionalities for its BaseStation 3200, SubStation, and FlowStation products. The new release allows Baseline devices to network together in the cloud.

Historically, Baseline required a Local Area Network (LAN) to allow communication between a BaseStation 3200, a SubStation, and/or a FlowStation. Some issues with this solution are that LANs can be difficult to set up, they may require complicated radio surveys, they may need to involve the IT Department, and the hardware costs can rack-up quickly.

With this new release, Baseline’s cloud networking will make the set-up process much faster and allows you to use cellular modems for SubStation and FlowStation networking.

Because communication can take place in the cloud, distances and physical barriers are no longer a problem. If your devices can connect to the cloud, they can be anywhere on the planet and still talk to each other.

This makes a huge difference for cities and college campuses where large buildings may interfere with radio signals and onsite communication.

Other examples of where cloud networking helps:

  • Roadways with long distances between medians or irrigated areas.
  • HOAs with large hills, tall trees, and other obstacles that cause radio interference.
  • Pocket parks spread miles apart across a large metropolitan area.

In each instance a BaseStation 3200 can communicate with SubStations no matter where the SubStations are located. All you must do is plug a cell modem into each device and point them to the cloud.

Enabling Cloud-based Networking on existing Baseline devices:

To enable cloud-based networking, your Baseline devices will need to be updated with the following firmware versions:

  • BaseStation 3200 = v17.3
  • SubStation = v2.1
  • FlowStation = v3.3

You can download the new firmware versions over-the-air using AppManager or you can download the updated files here:

Learn more about Baseline’s 4G-LTE cell modem solution:

Before updating, please review the firmware compatibility spreadsheet to ensure your Baseline products remain compatible.