Jelly Belly Candy Company selects Valleycrest and HydroPoint for Major WeatherTRAK Installation

New System Expected To Reduce Outdoor Water Use By 29% at Jelly Belly Headquarters and Visitor Center in Fairfield, California

HydroPoint Data Systems, Inc. and ValleyCrest Landscape Maintenance announced a partnership today with Jelly Belly Candy Company to implement the WeatherTRAK Smart Water Management solutions across the 35-acre campus, which includes corporate headquarters, manufacturing, warehousing and a public tour center in Fairfield, California. Using the proven WeatherTRAK water-saving technologies, Jelly Belly Candy Company will reduce outdoor water use by 29%.

These new technologies help preserve both natural water resources and a pleasantly landscaped campus that consists of five and a half acres of green space with turf, trees and shrubs, which was designed to enhance the experience of more than half a million visitors who tour Jelly Belly’s facility each year. Jelly Belly Candy Company executives partnered with ValleyCrest Landscape Maintenance to replace out-dated irrigation clocks with WeatherTRAK smart irrigation controllers to experience significant cost savings.

“We actively look for ways to improve cost efficiencies in our manufacturing and site expenses,” said Jeff Brown, vice president operations and distribution for Jelly Belly Candy Company. “An inviting look to our campus is important since we host a half million members of the public each year to our tours. An irrigation solution with minimal capital investment and disruption that would yield significant water savings in our landscaped areas was intriguing. With HydroPoint’s WeatherTRAK irrigation controllers we expect to see significant cost savings.”

HydroPoint’s WeatherTRAK Smart Water Management solutions provide grounds crews with 24/7 visibility and remote control access to irrigation schedules and water use via the newly released 7.0 Central Internet Management Application. Daily evapotranspiration (ET) data is transmitted to the WeatherTRAK controllers, updating the automated watering schedules as local weather conditions change. Plants receive precise amounts of water only when they need it.

The WeatherTRAK technology eliminates over-watering as well as costly water run-off, hardscape repairs and liabilities. WeatherTRAK automates irrigation to run after business hours so Mr. Jelly Belly and the 30-foot inflatable Jelly Belly mascots can greet visitors without interference from overspray or excess water in the popular grassy picnic areas surrounding the visitor center.

“We commend Jelly Belly Candy Company for their commitment to making outdoor water efficiency a priority. Using WeatherTRAK technology, ValleyCrest will optimize plant health, reduce staff hours and conserve vital resources at the Fairfield campus, establishing a high standard in environmental stewardship for corporate facilities across California and the nation,” said Richard Restuccia, director of water management solutions for ValleyCrest Landscape Maintenance.

About Jelly Belly Candy Company
The family owned candy manufacturer has been in operation since 1898 and is currently run by the fourth and fifth generations of the candy empire. The creation of Jelly Belly jelly beans came into worldwide prominence after Ronald Reagan was seen eating them on the presidential campaign trail in 1980. Jelly Belly beans were soon being given to international diplomats and became the first jelly bean in space when they were sent up with the space shuttle Challenger. The company currently makes over 90 flavors, the largest selection on the market, plus 100 other gourmet candies including jells, gummies, chocolate covered treats, and seasonal sweets for the major holidays. Headquartered in Fairfield, Calif., the company operates plants in Illinois and California, and offers public tours. To learn more,

About ValleyCrest Landscape Maintenance
ValleyCrest Landscape Maintenance is recognized nationwide as the leader in landscape maintenance and horticultural services and a division of Calabasas, Calif.-based ValleyCrest Landscape Companies. ValleyCrest Landscape Maintenance’s more than 100 locations deliver horticultural services for corporate office campuses, resorts, retail centers, colleges, cemeteries, museums, public spaces and homeowners associations with a goal to improve the value of landscape investment through proper care and sustainable enhancements. From grounds maintenance and water management to seasonal color and tree care, ValleyCrest handles every aspect of landscape management, drawing upon more than 62 years of experience to serve a wide range of customers. ValleyCrest was recently recognized by Turf Magazine as the leader in water conservation today. For more information about ValleyCrest Landscape Companies, please or check out our water management blog

 About HydroPoint

HydroPoint is the proven leader in smart water management solutions targeting the area of greatest waste in urban water use, landscape irrigation. As a 2014 EPA WaterSense® Manufacturer Partner of the Year, the Company offers WeatherTRAK®, the most complete and effective smart irrigation management system proven in over 25 independent studies and chosen by leading landscape professionals. From Walmart to Los Angeles County, WeatherTRAK has been helping commercial, government, education, and home communities maximize water savings, reduce operating costs, and minimize risk since 2002. In a single year, HydroPoint’s WeatherTRAK customers cut 15 billion gallons of water, $137 million in expenses, hundreds of thousands of man hours, and 62 million kilowatt hours of energy illustrating that smart water management makes for smart organizations. For more information, visit

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Marketing Director