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The Benefits of Smart Irrigation During Summer Vacation

Efficiently managing irrigation while away on Summer vacation can be challenging, especially if an unexpected stormy weather pattern strikes and you’re not there to adjust or turn off the automated timer.

Summer rainstorms can be unpredictable, and irrigating a landscape with a fixed timer schedule during a rain event will not only result in wasteful water runoff, but potentially increase plant disease.

By contrast, Smart Irrigation technology uses real time weather data and current soil moisture data to determine the irrigation needs of your landscape.

While a traditional irrigation controller runs on a preset timer schedule—rain or shine, a Smart Irrigation controller will monitor real time weather, rainfall increase or decreases, soil conditions, evaporation and plant water use. The controller will then automatically adjust the watering schedule to actual conditions in real time. A controller that uses evapotranspiration (ET) data uses numerous factors — temperature, location, soil type, wind, solar radiation and humidity–to determine watering needs. Smart!

But what about soil conditions deep beneath the ground surface? How wet or dry is that soil around the root systems of plants and lawn and how much water is actually needed to keep plants hydrated and healthy above ground without overwatering and drowning them?  No need to worry about that, because Soil Moisture Sensors will calculate that for you.

Buried deep in the root zone of turf and plants, these sensitive sensors will continually and accurately determine the exact moisture level in the soil within ± 3 percent of the actual volumetric soil moisture content, and transmit that reading to the smart controller. The controller can then be adjusted to open the valves and start irrigation once the volumetric water content reaches a user-defined threshold. If needed, the smart irrigation controller will also stop the next scheduled irrigation if “told” by sensors there’s already enough moisture in the soil.

Because Baseline’s biSensors reduce water usage—up to 62% or more over traditional irrigation methods— it has recently earned the coveted Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) WaterSense label, being the first manufacturer to do so in that category. Not just smart— that’s brilliant!

So go back to your regularly programmed vacation! Your weather-based Smart Controller and ultra-sensitive Soil Moisture Sensors are not only keeping your plants and landscape thriving and healthy, but conserving precious water and saving you thousands of dollars annually.