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Educational resources on the latest in water management trends, news, and best practices.

Water cooling tower

8 Best Practices for Water Cooling Tower Efficiency

Everyone knows that cooling towers consume huge volumes of water, as much as 50 percent of a building’s domestic water use. But by following a few best practices, facilities can save significant amounts of water. Here are 8 ways to maximize cooling tower efficiency and lower water consumption.

Smart irrigation technology

Technology that Makes Irrigation Smarter

A large number of commercial campuses and parks nationwide rely on traditional timer-based controllers to water their expansive landscapes. Rain or shine, they reliably turn sprinklers on and off to water at the scheduled times. Because it’s really time consuming to manually shut off controllers when it rains, a tremendous amount of water gets wasted.

What Irrigation System Features Expert Landscapers Want

Not only can landscapers transform your property into a beautiful and functional site, but they also hold the keys to your outdoor water use. We asked expert landscapers what they look for in an irrigation system and they shared some of their favorite features.

Reduce Water Waste

3 Tips to Reduce Water Waste

Because the EPA estimates that 50% of outdoor water use is wasted, we asked facilities managers to share a few tips to help you reduce water waste using the latest smart water technology.

Bring Your WeatherTRAK Controller Out of Hibernation

Spring is here and it’s time to tackle your growing to do list. Our product support team came up with a handy checklist to help you quickly de-winterize your WeatherTRAK controller and ensure that your system will work as intended through the coming months.

Is Goat Grazing the Next Sustainable Landscaping Trend?

If you’re researching eco-friendly, sustainable solutions to clear large landscapes, consider the noble goat. Goat-grazing is a natural (and cute) way to clean up your landscape. If you haven’t seen goats grazing in unexpected places near you, read on to learn about this new sustainable landscaping trend.

5 Reasons to Specify Smart Watering Technology in Landscape Designs

While every new landscape project brings its own set of challenges and opportunities, choosing to implement smart watering technology will consistently save money. The latest smart irrigation solutions enable watering schedules based on weather data and landscape conditions, reducing waste, saving money and avoiding a number of other issues.