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Irrigation Controllers Can Reduce Corporate Risks

irrigation controller + corporate risk solution

Maintaining landscapes is not only about keeping plants healthy, but also about addressing water issues like leaks and overwatering. Unfortunately, without the right smart irrigation controller or visibility into water flow, you’re in the dark. The potential corporate risks are plenty and could cost you more than just money. The larger the site, the greater the risk. Overwatering or just one leak can waste thousands of dollars and cause untold damage before anyone even knows what’s happened. Smart irrigation controllers can reduce the likelihood of these risks and liabilities.

Economic losses can occur due to damage to the irrigation system itself, such as the erosion of pipe bedding and pipe breaks, or the need to prematurely replace hardscapes such as walkways and parking lots. A leak that goes undetected either inside of a building or out can be catastrophic. Not only must the owner pay for the wasted water, there is likely to be damage to walls, floors, carpeting, and other property as well.

Excessive watering and leaks can create a public health risk when mold forms or contaminants enter broken pipes. Slips and falls invite expensive litigation. Unmanaged or inefficient water usage in cooling towers can cost a bundle. An organization’s brand reputation can be tarnished when irrigation systems water sidewalks and parking lots or leaks bubble up from the ground. With smart irrigation controllers, you’ll reduce risks from these water events that could otherwise lead to significant property and brand depreciation.

HydroPoint Mitigates Risk with 360° Visibility into Water Use and Flow

HydroPoint offers the visibility you need to track water usage. WeatherTRAK relies on the industry’s most accurate, high-resolution weather data to take the guesswork out of daily water scheduling and determining the volume of water required to maintain healthy plants.

HydroPoint WeatherTRAK uses easy-to-use, plug-and-play controllers installed at each site to ensure that landscape gets just the right amount of water. WeatherTRAK Central, a cloud-based central management application, provides visibility and status any time, anywhere. You can program a single site or a portfolio of sites, monitor performance to prevent overwatering, and receive alerts if abnormalities arise.

“WeatherTRAK protects our property by preventing runoff. We save tens of thousands in re-paving, patching and other maintenance costs. I knew it would be among the smartest – and easiest – management decisions I ever made.” – Chuck Champion, portfolio manager for Cushman & Wakefield

Of course not all water leaks or breaks happen outdoors, many occur inside building and detecting those requires flow monitoring, a job well done by HydroPoint WaterCompass. It’s a non-invasive, clamp-on leak and flow monitoring solution that provides detailed data, analysis and alerts. You can monitor the water use of one or multiple sites from a single dashboard, including cooling towers and irrigation systems.

You also gain the expertise of our Hydro Analysts. They keep an eye on irregularities and proactively reach out to provide the pertinent data you need to resolve any problem.

“WaterCompass helps us spot and rectify small problems before they become large. We can check WaterCompass and see if we have a reduction in water usage. The heat map of hour-by-hour usage lets me see almost instantaneously if we’ve resolved or even partially resolved an issue.” — Senior facilities manager, Multi-site Midwestern conglomerate

More than 20,000 commercial, multi-family developments, educational institutions, retailers, corporate campuses and landscape professionals have adopted HydroPoint.

HydroPoint is your partner in eliminating water waste. Contact us today to find out how we can determine if you have a leak.