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Is Goat Grazing the Next Sustainable Landscaping Trend?

If you’re researching eco-friendly, sustainable solutions to clear large landscapes, consider the noble goat. Goat-grazing is a natural (and cute) way to clean up your landscape. If you haven’t seen goats grazing in unexpected places near you, read on to learn about this new sustainable landscaping trend.

Benefits of Goat-Grazing

For hundreds of years, goats have been used to clear land for farmers and landowners. A typical herd eats 50,000 feet of grass per day and with four-chambered stomachs, they can eat plants that are toxic to other animals. They easily clear steep landscapes, rocky terrains and other hard to reach areas. Besides landscape maintenance cost savings, other benefits include:

  • No harmful chemicals
  • Reduced use of heavy machinery and reduced fuel and insurance cost
  • Destruction of invasive or toxic plants like thistle, kudzu and poison oak
  • Less noise
  • No land-clearing permits required

How Does It Work?

Many goat farmers will deliver goats to a property and secure them with electrical fencing. Like hiring a landscape contractor, you provide information about the size of your property and your landscaping needs. To find goat-grazing services near you, check the livestock for landscapes directory, which has state-specific contact information.

Who Uses Goat-Grazing?

The popularity of goat-grazing continues to rise as sustainability projects roll out around the country. You may see goats grazing at:

  • Parks and recreation departments
  • Municipalities
  • Real estate and property companies
  • Educational campuses
  • Corporate campuses
  • Residential areas

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