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Real World Results Have Many Organizations Seeing Green

As a property manager, ensuring the landscape is healthy comes at an increasingly steep price due to ever rising utility and water bills. Get out the sheers and trim those costs with HydroPoint. We’re an industry leader in smart water management technology and have helped organizations:

  • Achieve 95% of conservation potential
  • Reduce water use between 16% and 59%
  • Reduce landscape run-off by 71%
  • Improve plant and landscape health
  • Achieve 97% customer satisfaction rates

“Using the web-based platform is easy, it only takes one minute to make a programming change to all controllers, whereas it used to take all day to complete those sit visits just to make a tiny change to the irrigation controllers.” David Chandler, Coordinator of Renewable Energy and Conservation, Monterey Peninsula Unified School District

Cost Savings Rooted in Smart Water Management

The damages often go well beyond high water bills. HydroPoint WeatherTRAK solutions not only guard against the risks of overwatering landscapes but also the aftermath, including plant loss, slope erosion, hardscape damage, common area hazards, mold, mildew and non-point source pollution.

  • We make water simpler to manage through visibility and automation
  • We collect and analyze weather data, detect leaks, and continuously monitor water usage
  • You get the insight and control you need to not only save money and lower your water bill, but to improve operating and maintenance efficiency
  • We do everything necessary to help you achieve maximum savings and conservation potential across one or more sites, both inside your building and out

“The usability from a technician’s standpoint is huge. It only takes us a couple clicks to make changes with WeatherTRAK, whereas it would take up to a half hour to make those same changes with a competitor’s controller.” – Daniel Levine, Maintenance Manager at ValleyCrest Landscape

HydroPoint WeatherTRAK solutions have outperformed all other irrigation controllers in more than 25 public and private studies. Study after study has demonstrated that adopting HydroPoint pays for itself through dramatic and sustained water and labor savings.

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Study
A one-year study of 500 homes demonstrates an average overall water savings of 40%.

University of Nevada, Reno Cooperative Extension ET Satellite Irrigation Controller Study
A one-year long study of residential model homes and commercial sites resulted in an average overall water savings of 30%.

Metropolitan Water District Study
HydroPoint solutions were shown to irrigate at plant efficiency, while competitive products either over or under watered.

Colorado State University Study
HydroPoint WeatherTRAK was the only product able to water to ET levels.

City of Bend, Oregon Study
Bend, Oregon showed a 41% decrease in water savings across all landscapes and the automation freed up significant resources for other city maintenance projects.

“The system accuracy, sophistication, and water, dollar and time savings make HydroPoint an excellent choice.” -Kelly Vickers, Director of Sustainability at Alliance Residential Company

HydroPoint makes managing water simpler through visibility and automation. How can we help you save money, increase efficiency and improve plant health?

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