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Drop off questions for the Baseline Trainer whenever they come up! Water sources, schedules, water windows? Let’s discuss them!

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Baseline Training Manager

Dan Conger

After graduating from the California State Polytechnic University-Pomona in 1987, Dan spend 2 decades learning the ins and outs of the irrigation industry. In 2016 Dan began as the Baseline’s Training Manager and is in charge of all forms of customer training, including live training events, On Demand training content for YouTube and LearnUpon, as well as weekly training webinars.

Baseline YouTube Channel

Check out our channel that’s full of Baseline Tech Talk webinars, short training videos and more!

Baseline Tech Talk Tuesday

Every Tuesday we’ll be LIVE on Zoom with helpful tech tips to improve your business & optimize overall system performance.

Green Roof 101 Webinar

We have partnered with Nate Griswold, founder and president of Inhabitect, LLC to help you get the most out of these beautiful and functional structures. Join the experts for a virtual deep-dive into the “why” and “how” of green roofs.