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Why Smart Irrigation is a Smart Investment

If you’re irrigating via a traditional ‘dumb’ controller, operated by a timer, you have no idea how much water you are using, let alone if there is a leak in your system, until the damage is done.

In contrast, a cloud-based smart irrigation system offers you total visibility into all your sites. By collecting and interpreting real-time data such as the weather, time of day, and soil moisture levels of a site, smart controllers automatically distribute the optimum amount of water, eliminating manual system adjustments and reducing overwatering.

Why landscapers choose smart irrigation over traditional timers:

  • Remote control–manage your sites from your laptop or smartphone
  • Real-time alerts and notifications—proactively mitigate potential issues
  • Automation –automatically update your irrigation schedule without truck rolls
  • Reporting and budgeting tools track and monitor usage and meet compliance reporting requirements

Smarter Water Use is a Smart Environmental Decision

Smart irrigation technology reduces water consumption, improves plant health, improves the environment for insect and animal diversity and results in less water pollution via reduced fertilizer and pesticide use.

HydroPoint offers both weather-based and soil moisture sensor-based smart irrigation controllers that are built on a platform technology that ensures smarter water use. That’s why, in 2014, HydroPoint was chosen as the EPA’s first irrigation partner. Proven in 25 independent studies, including the vanguard pollution runoff study led by the EPA, HydroPoint’s WeatherTRAK® Smart Irrigation solution saves water, reduces energy demand, and protects water quality while eliminating landscape water waste, water-related liabilities and expense exposure.