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Why Centralized Monitoring and Control are Crucial to Effective Water Management

Water never takes a rest. Breaks, leaks and even water theft can and do happen at any time. Even more common is the mundane – storms, extreme heat, periods of dry conditions or the need to make a schedule change in watering based on a special event. Having to visit the location of each irrigation controller is labor-intensive, inefficient and costly. Effective water management necessitates remote monitoring and control to eliminate just such visits and to have better visibility on water usage and status. The best way to deliver remote capabilities is by selecting a centrally managed solution, one with built-in communications capabilities and accessibility via the Internet.

Benefits to a Centralized Water Management Solution

The benefits of a centrally managed solution are many, including:

  1. Alerts and notifications sent in real time via text or email so issues big and small can be resolved before they turn into major headaches.
  2. The elimination of driving from place to place, saving time, gas and labor expenses, and ultimately offering workers more safety.
  3. Better overall visibility into water usage and complexities.

Components to Look for

Anytime, Anywhere Access

  • Monitor from any device with an Internet browser, not an immobile, dedicated device
  • Smartphone and tablet access to support workers in the field
  • Allow setting changes at either the controller or remotely
  • Allow setting changes across multiple controllers, even on different sites, not one controller at a time
  • Locate sites and controllers using GPS to save time

Alerts and Notifications

  • Be alerted of issues in real time, not based on user-initiated requests or at a set time once per day
  • Unlimited number of alerts sent to as many people as specified
  • Alerts sent via SMS (text) or email

Built-in Communications

  • Controller communications capabilities built in at the start
  • Communications should not introduce additional complexity (think IT support, installation and maintenance) or hidden costs

Centralized Solution a Win for the California Department of Transportation

Managing water requires being where the water is. Since you can’t physically be there on a 24×7 basis, centralized monitoring and access is the next best thing. You’ll save time and money and more effectively manage your water.

After Caltrans installed nearly 350 irrigation controllers from HydroPoint, they decreased their overall water usage and were able to meet mandated drought regulations. They experienced several additional benefits, including:

  • Eliminating visits to controllers to change programs or settings, improving operational efficiencies.
  • Improving safety since simple tasks were done remotely rather than along potentially dangerous highways.
  • Reducing site visits and resolving problems faster because of real-time alerts and notifications.