Leak & Flow Monitoring

WaterCompass Enterprise: real-time leak detection and water use analytics.

Discover, track and know what’s being used, where and when. 24/7. Get up-to-the-minute visibility and intelligence into leaks and water use through real-time, non-invasive flow sensors, comprehensive dashboards and powerful analytics.

Have a Site with High Water Use? Find Out Why.

Comprehensive water management requires an in-depth, real-time understanding of consumption and a way to stop unexpected waste fast. With HydroPoint WaterCompass® Enterprise, you can continuously monitor the water usage of one site or across an entire portfolio from a single dashboard, including domestic water (bathrooms, kitchen, drinking fountains, etc.), cooling towers, irrigation systems and water-based fire suppression systems. It’s the ideal solution for property managers, facilities engineers and management and sustainability professionals.

Why Monitor Water Use?

Insurance against catastrophic leaks
Rapidly rising cost of water
Government mandated restrictions
Risk, liability and brand protection
Fix problems before they become major
Reduce chemical costs for cooling towers

Where Might WaterCompass Help You?

WaterCompass is an invaluable tool for detecting leaks both indoors and out. A non-invasive sensor clamps onto domestic, irrigation or compound meters to accelerate access to information about water use and create actionable data for locating leaks. It’s the ideal for solution for:

  • Domestic
  • Irrigation
  • Cooling towers
  • Pools
  • Fountains
  • Water-Based Fire Suppression Systems

Leaks: It’s Not A Question of ‘If’ Your Site
Will Have a Leak, it’s ‘When’

How much damage would a major leak in the middle of the night cause to your business? And how much money are you losing to ‘small’ leaks every day?

If your site experiences a low-level leak, or even worse, a pipe bursts, WaterCompass Enterprise will alert you before you pour more money down the drain or catastrophic damage occurs.

Real-time monitoring for leak detection and water conservation

“Trying to avoid catastrophic leaks is our goal. The potential loss is high not just because of the water costs, but also because of the damage.”

– WaterCompass Customer

HydroPoint’s platform technology
is all about smarter water use.

We make water simpler to manage through visibility and automation.

24/7 we collect and analyze weather data, detect leaks, and continuously monitor usage.

You get the insight and control you need to not only save money and lower your water bill but to improve operating and maintenance efficiency.

We do everything necessary to help you achieve maximum savings and conservation potential across one or more sites, both inside your building and out.