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Peter Carlson Named Honoree for the 2020 Environment + Energy (E+E) 100

December 2020 – HydroPoint’s co-founder and CTO – Peter Carlson – has been named an honoree for the 2020 Environment + Energy Leader (E+E) 100. This award recognizes 100 environment and energy “doers” who are trailblazers in their fields. These leaders have created solutions, programs, and best practices in commercial and industrial environment and energy management.

Said Jennifer Hermes, the content director of E+E, “I’m always inspired by the creativity and ingenuity from sustainability professionals in how they navigate the unexpected environmental and energy management challenges they face every day — and this year, more so than ever.”

Peter was selected from candidates within a variety of industries, based on his success in providing significant sustainability and energy management results. Unbiased judges evaluated all honorees according to a rigorous set of guidelines.

Peter co-founded HydroPoint in 2002, long before “smart water” was a popular buzzword. Since 2002, he’s been bringing the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence to water, developing and deploying cutting-edge technology and services that have saved customers more than 23 billion gallons of water.

Recently, Carlson oversaw HydroPoint’s expansion from smart irrigation to a broader range of water management technology services, including WaterCompass Enterprise. This expansion has resulted in meaningful outcomes, like annually saving Lowe’s over 650 millions gallons in water and reducing their carbon emissions by 750 metric tons. Carlson has also led efforts to quickly respond to fast changing environmental conditions like drought, by developing compliance management tools to help organizations comply with new regulations.

From early in his career, Peter has demonstrated leadership in combining scalable, wireless technologies with big data analytics to create a gentler impact on the environment. He is service-oriented, having started his career at UC Berkeley, helping state air quality regulators to address chemical spill scenarios. Recently, he accepted EPA’s WaterSense Manufacturer Partner of the Year award for HydroPoint in 2014.

We’re honored that Peter has been recognized for his work with HydroPoint. Peter will continue to dedicate his career to information systems that preserve the world’s most important resource: water.

About HydroPoint

HydroPoint is the leader in smart water management solutions, helping companies to maximize water savings, reduce operating costs, minimize business risks, and achieve sustainability goals. An EPA WaterSense® Partner of the Year, the company combines the latest in IoT technology, data analytics, and automation to optimize irrigation, flow management, and leak detection across an entire site. HydroPoint solutions deliver visibility and control for a broad range of commercial, government, education, and community applications. Located in the San Francisco North Bay, HydroPoint has been helping the world save, and not waste, water for more than 15 years. Our mission is to make the best and most efficient use of our world’s most important resource.