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New HydroPoint Service Wrings Every Drop Of Efficiency Out Of Irrigation Systems

Performance Management for WeatherTRAK helps ensure landscape health, manage risk, and improve savings

June 15, 2017 – PETALUMA, CA HydroPoint®, the leader in smart water management solutions, today announced Performance Management for WeatherTRAK®, an analytics-based service designed to bring 24/7 attention to corporate irrigation systems. As a result, HydroPoint constantly tunes customer sites for efficiency and watches them so they can avoid adversity.
This service exists at the intersection of Big Data and Big Water and delivers powerful analytics and modeling to increase operational efficiency, reduce water waste, and enhance landscape health. In addition to learning from historic site data, Performance Management for WeatherTRAK also allows companies to leverage the lessons and insights gained from tens of thousands of WeatherTRAK installations.

“Our users will benefit from the expertise we accumulated over years of irrigation management,” said Peter Carlson, vice president of technology and product management at HydroPoint. “Our new Performance Management service combines our broad and deep knowledge of irrigation technology with an unmatched database of weather and usage data. Not only does it provide portfolio managers with incredible visibility into their operations, but it’s also an important resource that engages their landscape contractors to maximize their client’s landscape health and minimize water costs.”

The new service enables companies with WeatherTRAK sites to gain portfolio-wide insight into the status of their systems, highlight performance issues, benchmark and compare results across multiple sites, and optimize irrigation configuration and management. HydroPoint empowers customers’ landscape contractors to not only find leaks before they are lakes, but also to get them promptly addressed.

Performance Management has already been able to help find savings hidden from even its most proactive users.

“HydroPoint has been a valuable partner as we enhance our irrigation management program,” said Dr. Nate Mitten, senior manager of property standards and improvements at Kimco Realty Corp. “By providing site assessments, installation of smart ET-based controllers, and custom-tailored monitoring services, our property managers are equipped to make faster, more-informed decisions. HydroPoint services have proven to be great tools in guiding our water management activities, resulting in healthier landscapes and valuable savings.”

Performance Management for WeatherTRAK provides:

  • HydroAnalytics™ – Real-time water usage and performance data from tens of thousands of installations provides guidance to maintain landscape health and achieve significant savings.
  • Irrigation expertise – A dedicated account manager, supported by a team of water experts, maintains each site at its optimal level of performance, provides training, and offloads irrigation management workload.
  • 24/7 management – Remotely monitoring, recommending, or implementing changes to controller configurations, and alerting landscape staff of critical issues can improve savings, minimize risk, and maintain landscape health.
  • Portfolio-level insight – Comparing performance across all of a client’s sites highlights top-performing contractors, facilitates benchmarking, and identifies areas that need improvement.
  • Improved operational effectiveness – Visibility and insight are provided into areas where irrigation systems are not being properly run or maintained, escalation of issues is ensured, water management-related workflow is facilitated, and landscape contractors are provided with the tools they need to increase their effectiveness.

The heart of the Performance Management service is the HydroPoint Predictive Response Center (PRC), an advanced irrigation network operations center where teams of Hydro Analysts monitor and analyze the massive quantities of data gathered by WeatherTRAK devices, weather stations, and software. This river of information is transformed into a finely-tuned stream of actionable data that can be used to manage and optimize each individual site. A dedicated account manager not only advises clients of issues affecting their performance, but proactively implements configuration changes at the local site to maintain landscape health and minimize risk.

Pricing and Availability
Performance Management is sold on an annual subscription basis. The service includes set-up, HydroAnalytic site profiles, ongoing performance management, and a suite of services and reports, and is immediately available from HydroPoint.

About HydroPoint
HydroPoint is the proven leader in smart water management solutions, making water – both indoors and out – simpler to manage through visibility and automation. As the 2014 EPA WaterSense® Manufacturer Partner of the Year, the company offers WeatherTRAK and Baseline™, the most complete and effective smart irrigation management systems available today; WaterCompass™, an innovative leak detection and flow monitoring solution; and a line of professional services to accelerate savings. From Walmart to Los Angeles County, HydroPoint has been helping commercial, government, education, and home communities maximize water savings, reduce operating costs, and minimize risk since 2002. For more information, visit

Meg Mason
Marketing Director

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