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First time a smart irrigation manufacturer has received award which honors an organization’s commitment to water efficiency & efforts within the U.S.

October 14, 2014 – Petaluma, CA – HydroPoint Data Systems, the proven leader in 360° smart water management, today announced it has received the prestigious 2014 WaterSense® Manufacturer Partner of the Year award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) marking the first time a smart irrigation manufacturer has won. The announcement came at last week’s WaterSmart Innovations Conference in Las Vegas, the world’s pre-eminent urban water efficiency event bringing together water professionals from across the U.S. and around the globe.

“We’re honored to be the first smart irrigation manufacturer to receive this important award. This is a milestone announcement not only for HydroPoint but also for smart irrigation on the whole as it receives the attention it deserves as a proven water conservation solution,” said Chris Spain, President & CEO of HydroPoint. “Over the last twelve years, our WeatherTRAK® technology has evolved from ensuring the right amount of water is in the right place at the right time to one that now also delivers the right irrigation-related data to the right person at the right time – all in the name of reliable, maximized water conservation and landscape health day after day.”

Continues Spain, “I personally think that water conservation at the last mile often faces the hardest challenge of all – changing people’s behavior. However, we have seen first-hand how committed everyone becomes when they have the right tools and data. Our customers, who include some of the world’s leading retail, multifamily, and technology corporations, as well as top educational institutions and forward-thinking cities and water agencies, have witnessed how powerful real-time data can be when properly harnessed. The combination of shared data and real-time visibility means that everyone who is needed to support a site, now, for the first time, can be on the same page. For example, when the landscape contractor in the field, the Property Manager, the VP of Operations, and the local water agency all have a simple, central, and compelling “water dashboard” tracking success, the results are amazing… and sustainable.”

HydroPoint’s end-to-end WeatherTRAK® solution is the most complete and effective EPA WaterSense-approved smart irrigation management system proven in over 25 independent studies and chosen by more landscape professionals. Time and again it outperforms competing solutions when it comes to saving water, consistently achieving 95% maximum water conservation potential. This stems from the Company’s unparalleled real-time, site-specific weather data – down to one square kilometer accuracy – and proprietary scheduling engine which automatically adjust watering schedules based on multiple landscape parameters.

“It’s an amazing time for smart irrigation. We are at a point when smart water management is needed now more than ever,” adds Spain. “We’re excited to continue to innovate such a vital technology in the quest to help everyone save water, time, and money in a way that ensures fast system payback and even faster water savings.”

About HydroPoint Data Systems 
HydroPoint is the proven leader in 360° smart water management solutions targeting the area of greatest waste in urban water use, landscape irrigation. As a 2014 EPA WaterSense® Manufacturer Partner of the Year, the Company offers WeatherTRAK®, the most complete and effective smart irrigation management system proven in over 25 independent studies and chosen by more landscape professionals. From Walmart and Apple to some of the largest cities and educational institutes across the country, WeatherTRAK has been helping commercial, government, and residential organizations since 2002 maximize water savings, reduce operating costs, and minimize risk. In a single year, HydroPoint’s WeatherTRAK subscribers cut $137 million in expenses saving 15 billion gallons of water and 62 million kilowatt hours of energy illustrating that 360° smart water management makes for smart organizations. For more information, visit