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HydroPoint Executive to Discuss Water Management Framework at ICSC RetailGreen Conference

This year, the ICSC RetailGreen Conference is focused on “Redefining Sustainability.” In our capacity as a leader in smart water management solutions, HydroPoint will be representing on a panel at the conference. There’s never been a better time for professionals to come together to discuss sustainability – in fact, the global future depends on it. As the definition of “being green” evolves with new technologies, regulations and business practices, retailers must redefine their commitment to sustainable strategies. At the RetailGreen conference, leaders will come together for panels, workshops and roundtable discussions to discuss the latest on sustainability in a retail environment.

Amir Omar, Vice President of Strategic Partner and Key Accounts at Hydropoint, will be on a panel discussing water management frameworks. Developing a water reduction strategy is no small feat, especially when you’re trying to reduce associated operating costs at your sites. Experts panelists will discuss how facility managers and building owners can optimize their water systems, and improve safety and efficiency at the same time. Attendees should expect to learn about a water management program framework recommended by the CDC, and come away with a better understanding of the water management landscape. Usage and expense go hand-in-hand, and this panel will unlock the framework needed to save money, time, and resources by an intelligent approach to water management.

Panel: Optimizing Water Usage in Existing Centers: What Can I Do to Safely Reduce Both Water Usage and Operating Expenses?
Time: Tuesday November 28, 2017 – 10:45am – 11:45am
More Information: Conference Website