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New features address larger sites, improve irrigation asset tracking, centralize document management, and speed controller configurations & reporting resulting in greater water & operational savings

November 19, 2014 – Petaluma, CA – HydroPoint Data Systems, the proven leader in 360° smart water management, today announced at the Irrigation Show & Education Conference its Fall 2014 WeatherTRAK® Smart Irrigation Release building on the Company’s new conservation apps and advanced flow management products announced earlier this year.  The new Fall features focus on helping property managers, water managers, and site maintainers address larger sites, better manage irrigation assets, share important documents and notes, and streamline controller configurations and reporting. “This Fall’s WeatherTRAK release represents for us the ‘next generation’ in smart water management aimed at ensuring maximized water savings, reduced operating costs, and minimized risk for our customers and landscape partners,” said Chris Spain, President & CEO of HydroPoint. “No other smart irrigation system – from our real-time smart controllers to our four-point weather data and WeatherTRAK Central cloud-based management software – offers the quality, power, flexibility, and third party-validated results that WeatherTRAK does, and now with our Fall Release, we’ve raised the bar once again.”

Coming off the Company’s recent appointment by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as their WaterSense® Manufacturer Partner of the Year, HydroPoint is proud to announce the following new WeatherTRAK features:

  • 72 and 96-station models of WeatherTRAK’s commercial-grade ET Pro3 controllers, available in both two-wire and conventional configurations,
  • Advanced WeatherTRAK flow sensors and solutions including the new WeatherTRAK Flow3 integrated flow sensor, sub-meter, and master valve for even the tightest installations and the new WeatherTRAK FlowHD high-definition flow sensor and sub-meter providing unparalleled accuracy and visibility for sites with main lines 2” and bigger.
  • Enhanced cloud-based apps including Site Asset Manager’s advanced tracking and mapping of irrigation inventory per site and a new Document Manager for easy, secure central storage of documents and folders associated with sites, WeatherTRAK smart controllers, and other assets,
  • Time-saving WeatherTRAK Central enhancements including the ability to save, name, and recall complete WeatherTRAK controller configurations, copy and paste station settings to one or more other stations, change multiple stations across multiple controllers and sites with just a few clicks, and streamline reporting and automate report generation and delivery to one or more email addresses.

For more information on the latest additions to HydroPoint’s industry-leading WeatherTRAK smart irrigation management system, or if attending the Irrigation Show & Education Conference in Phoenix this week, visit booth #2023.About HydroPoint Data Systems HydroPoint is the proven leader in 360° smart water management solutions targeting the area of greatest waste in urban water use, landscape irrigation. As a 2014 EPA WaterSense® Manufacturer Partner of the Year, the Company offers WeatherTRAK®, the most complete and effective smart irrigation management system proven in over 25 independent studies and chosen by leading landscape professionals. From Walmart to Los Angeles County, WeatherTRAK has been helping commercial, government, education, and home community organizations maximize water savings, reduce operating costs, and minimize risk since 2002. In a single year, HydroPoint’s WeatherTRAK customers cut 15 billion gallons of water, $137 million in expenses, hundreds of thousands of man hours, and 62 million kilowatt hours of energy illustrating that360° smart water management makes for smart organizations.


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