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Baseline Launches Analytics in AppManager

Tuesday, Feb 25, 2020

Baseline recently launched Analytics, now available for BaseManager users in AppManager. The new release allows users to pinpoint the “what”, “when”, and “why” of any event within an irrigation system – now or in the past. 

Analytics adds further personalization to a suite of custom web-based applications.

Through Analytics, users can see and send detailed diagnostic information of all shapes and sizes – from a single device in a field to an entire organization’s water usage.

With this new release, Baseline’s users can quickly generate real-time graphs, drilled-down historical graphs, and detailed, specific reports. It is now easier than ever to tell the entire story of an irrigation system through smart visuals, key data, and responsive charting. 

At a glance, Analytics provides insight into what happened at a site over the last month, week, day, or hour, so users can confidently manage their resources with the latest information.   

Users also see the real-time status of any 2-Wire device including data on: moisture, temperature, flow, pressure, water budgets, and more. Dynamic graphs depict real-time electrical values for voltage, amperage, and 2-Wire drop for every 2-Wire device on the wire-path. 

Because Analytics is so comprehensive, users are solving site issues faster and more efficiently. For example:

  • Water Managers – need to know how much water is used across every site, and have accountability to clients on where and why it’s being used. Analytics quickly generates answers to any internal and external usage questions, ultimately instilling confidence in the way a site is managed. 
  • Landscape Maintenance Contractors – need to be everywhere at once. Analytics provides electrical diagnostic data for each device connected to any controller in a company’s portfolio. LMCs can diagnose which devices are likely to fail and provide explanations for why they’re prioritizing certain tasks. 
  • Site Managers – need to hit numbers for water usage and keep their staff on track. Analytics generates the rundown into where people are working and what’s being accomplished – with data points to back it up. 

Analytics was created to make the workday easier for on-the-go contractors, site managers, distributors, and existing users. From color-coded statuses to real-time site data, users can now access a wealth of information, all in one place. 

Accountability is now easier and more comprehensive with thorough, specific reports that can be quickly spun up and shared with teams and clients. 

For contractors, specifiers, distributors, and site managers alike – Analytics brings value to a Baseline subscription through flexible summaries and compelling visuals of the work being done.

Analytics Requirements:

  • BaseStation 3200 firmware v.17.9 or higher – update yours now
  • Internet connection using LTE, Wi-Fi, or Ethernet
  • Preferred browsers include: Chrome and Firefox 
  • Optimized for Apple iPhone 6

Update your firmware today and check out the new Analytics feature in AppManager!