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Baseline Announces the Release of a New Intelligent Irrigation Controller, the Basestation 1000.

Baseline announced today the release of the BaseStation 1000TM Irrigation Controller. The BaseStation 1000 is an intelligent controller designed to provide the features that are essential for intelligent watering. The BaseStation 1000 works with Baseline’s patented two-wire technology and conventional wire and retrofit solutions. The BaseStation 1000 comes standard with flow monitoring and management options, support for Baseline’s biSensorTM soil moisture sensors, and central control connectivity.

Designed from the ground up for optimal internet connectivity, the BaseStation 1000 features a built in Ethernet port that is standard in every controller. Simply connect the BaseStation 1000 to the internet via the Ethernet Port, and the BaseStation 1000 will connect to BaseManager 2.0TM, Baseline’s Central Control platform, without ever talking to an IT person. Additionally, when it’s connected to the internet, the BaseStation 1000 is compatible with Baseline’s LiveViewTM. LiveView gives you complete control of the BaseStation 1000 from any internet-enabled device, just as if you were standing in front of the controller.

The BaseStation 1000 is also compatible with other communication options like Wi-Fi, Cell Modem, and Mesh Radio, so connecting to BaseManager 2.0 is easy and affordable.

The BaseStation 1000 base model is equipped to manage up to 50 zones, 10 biSensors, 20 programs, and 1 complete water source (including a master valve, pump, and flow sensor). Each controller can be expanded to manage up to 100 zones, 20 biSensors, 40 programs, and 3 complete water sources.

Baseline has also redefined easy to program with the BaseStation 1000’s intuitive and logical interface. Plus, the BaseStation 1000 has built-in help screens that are almost like having the manual open to the right page with the press of a button.

The BaseStation 1000 will be available for sale beginning July 1, 2012

About Baseline Inc.

Baseline is a leading provider of smart irrigation control technologies. Baseline irrigation control solutions reduce management effort and costs, increase landscape health and beauty, and significantly reduce water waste. With unique, patented and patent pending technologies, Baseline provides irrigation control solutions for agriculture, commercial and residential applications.

Based in Boise, Idaho, Baseline is privately owned and operated