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Why Centralized Monitoring and Control are Crucial to Effective Water Management

Controller Efficiency

Controller Efficiency (CE) for LEED certification purposes is defined as the percentage reduction in water use based on any weather-based controller or moisture sensor-based system. The CE equation is 1 minus the estimated percentage overall irrigation water saved by the controller.

WeatherTRAK ET-series controllers have been studied in more than 20 independent, multi-year studies by water agencies, universities and other public agencies.The average water savings from these studies is around 35%, yielding
controller efficiency of 0.65 (1-.35 = .65).

If your project is a retrofit rather than new construction, the calculations may change based on the LEED booklet applied; however, the CE factor will remain the same.

The stated efficiency assumes the controller is programmed using “Automated by WeatherTRAK” programming mode and using “Optimized by WeatherTRAK” water day mode in addition to an irrigation system that has hydraulic integrity (no leaks).

Smart Water Application Technology Performance

HydroPoint WeatherTrak ET-series controllers have also received Smart Water Application Technology (SWAT) testing scores of 100% in irrigation accuracy and 0% in allowable excess when applying irrigation.