Landscape Professional Case Study

Smart Irrigation Addresses Water Restrictions in New Mexico


“WeatherTRAK is the best product
on the shelf. My customers have
reduced water use by 33%.”
— John Seaver
Just Sprinklers
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Landscape Management Services Company Helps Customers Reduce Water by 33%

John Seaver provides landscape management services to homeowners in New Mexico. His Albuquerque-based company, Just Sprinklers, saw the needs of his customers change dramatically in the 1990’s when the City of Albuquerque passed legislation to reduce water consumption. The new laws were developed in response to a U.S. Geological Survey that indicated New Mexico was facing a severe drought, one that would worsen as water demand and the population increased.

After the new regulations took effect, many homeowner’s water bills more than doubled. They could no longer afford to maintain traditional landscapes with heavy water requirements. Seaver started providing water conservation services to address these new needs.

Seaver began researching smart irrigation controllers that conserve water by automatically adjusting irrigation according to the weather and plants’ varying needs. Too often, plants are overwatered because of the misguided belief that more water means a healthier landscape. After evaluating several smart irrigation products, he selected WeatherTRAK for its proven performance and reliability. “WeatherTRAK is the best product on the shelf. My customers have reduced water use by 33%,” says Seaver.


  • Meet water restrictions
  • Provide water conservation services
  • Strengthen customer relationships

WeatherTRAK Meets Specific Water Requirements and Grows Revenue for Just Sprinklers

WeatherTRAK creates an irrigation schedule based on landscape-specific parameters, and then automatically adjusts watering in response to daily, local evapotranspiration (ET) data. Several smart irrigation controllers rely upon historical ET data, proven to be a less accurate approach. Studies reveal that historical ET can differ from actual ET by as much as 100% over a given week, and by as much as 225% on any given day.

Seaver is now an authorized WeatherTRAK reseller and installer. With WeatherTRAK, Just Sprinklers’ customers are enjoying water savings as well as healthy, beautiful landscapes. In addition to cost savings, Seaver’s clients support conservation of New Mexico’s scarce water resources and protection of local waterways from landscape runoff. WeatherTRAK is helping Just Sprinklers flourish while the company’s customers protect their landscape investments, conserve water and save money.