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After Chris Spain, Peter Carlson and Chris Manchuck successfully built and sold Shaman Corporation, the enterprise software company they founded, they carefully considered what to do next. Believing that water would only become increasingly precious and wanting to marry their technology acumen with a socially conscious endeavor, they decided to focus on end use, the long-ignored last mile in water management. In 2002, HydroPoint Data Systems was born.

While it wasn’t always initially apparent why organizations should care about their water usage, HydroPoint has been able to demonstrate just how much money is ‘hiding’ across a property’s outdoor water use, showing a typical payback in 24-36 months just by lowering irrigation water bills. Additional savings come in the form of reducing labor and operational expenses, eliminating overwatering with the accompanying danger of structural and plant damage, lowering liabilities (think slips and falls) and lessening exposure to fines and compliance violations. In 2015 alone, visibility and control of water usage saved thousands of HydroPoint customers:

  • 16 billion gallons of water
  • Hundreds of thousands of man hours
  • 62 million kilowatt hours of energy
  • And a whopping $137,000,000

In 2016, HydroPoint expanded our product line by acquiring Baseline Systems, a Boise-based developer of irrigation solutions, and by moving beyond irrigation to offer visibility into building water use – domestic, cooling tower and fire supply water – through our WaterCompass product. Baseline is widely recognized for their superior moisture sensors and two-wire technology, nicely rounding out our product line. All together, WaterCompass, WeatherTRAK and Baseline give HydroPoint’s 30,000+ customers the insight and control needed to improve efficiency and lower costs for one site or an entire portfolio, both indoors and out.

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Management Team

Chris Spain
Chris Spain
CEO and President

Chris Spain co-founded HydroPoint in 2002. Chris has over 20 years experience managing emerging growth technology and information services companies. Previously, he was the president and founder of Shaman Corporation, providing mission-critical IT data services to organizations focused on secure and stable 24/7 IT operations. Shaman Corporation’s customers included Intuit, United States Department of Education, Hambrecht & Quist, and other leading financial institutions. The company was sold to Corporate Software & Technology in 2000. Prior to Shaman Corporation, Chris was President of Accelerated Media, a digital and broadcast media company that produced award-winning, innovative and interactive projects for Pacific Bell, Discovery Channel, Chronicle Broadcasting, Colossal Pictures and Francis Coppola’s Zoetrope Studios, among others. Together with Peter Carlson, Chris holds a patent on Controlling a Resource Demand System. In his free time, Chris participates in numerous outdoor sports, including rock climbing, whitewater paddling, telemark skiing and backpacking.

Peter Carlson
Chief Technology Officer

Peter Carlson is a co-founder of HydroPoint. He has 15 years of experience using distributed data systems and scalable Software-as-a-Service solutions to build IT products and services for enterprises ranging from small to Fortune 500. Previously, Peter was VP of engineering at Shaman Corporation, providing industry leading, award-winning IT data services. Prior to Shaman, Peter held environmental management positions at UC Berkeley. Together with Chris Spain, Peter holds a patent on Controlling a Resource Demand System. He is an Assistant Scoutmaster for the Boy Scouts, and splits his remaining spare time between snow camping in Yosemite National Park and scuba diving in the Caribbean.

Chris Manchuck
SVP of Sales

Chris Manchuck co-founded HydroPoint, and is responsible for enterprise and channel sales, strategic partner development and support programs. He spent over a decade managing technology, media and data services strategies for Fortune 500 companies. Previous positions included VP of channel sales and VP of business development at HydroPoint, as well as founder and VP of content development at Shaman Corporation, where he secured and managed partnerships with Microsoft, Adobe, and Symantec. When not zigzagging the country visiting customers, Chris enjoys fly-fishing and snowboarding on some of his favorite rivers and mountains across the west.

Mike Perusse, Chief Operating Officer
Mike Perusse
Chief Operating Officer

Mike brings to HydroPoint over 20+ years, designing, building and operating mission critical, advanced technology platforms and data systems in telecommunications and global supply chain management. A proven C-Level executive, Mike’s leadership has enabled both mid-sized and Fortune 500 companies to profitably utilize advanced cloud, IOT and data technologies to accelerate and scale business growth and market opportunities.

As HydroPoint’s first COO, Mike is joining us at a time of unprecedented growth for the company. Mike’s responsibilities include the technological and strategic expansion of HydroPoint’s 360º Smart Water Management platform as well as scaling HydroPoint’s Outcome Performance Management services. He brings a wealth of both technical and operational expertise realizing meaningful customer success and a shared passion for eliminating needless waste of one of the planet’s most valuable resources.

Amir Omar
SVP of Customer Operations

Amir is responsible for Customer Support, Field Services, Professional Services, and Customer Success. His charge is to ensure our customers’ journeys are successful – every step of the way. Previously, he was VP of Strategic Partners & Key Accounts at HydroPoint. He joined HydroPoint from Weathermatic where he served as EVP of Business Development. He has an extensive experience in both water policy and business solutions. In addition to Amir’s business experience, he served two terms as a city council member in Richardson, Texas, where he was recognized for his leadership and dedication to community involvement and volunteerism. During this time, Amir led Tree North Texas, the nation’s largest tree planting initiative whose goal was to plant three million trees. Previously, he held management roles with several top telecom companies. Amir is an avid photographer and enjoys running nature trails, although usually not at the same time.

Ben Slick
SVP of Business Development

When Ben joined HydroPoint in 2005, he brought with him nearly 25 years of sales and general management know-how in the software and network services industry. His responsibilities include business development, strategic partner relations and key customer accounts. Ben served as VP of sales for two publicly traded software companies: Delrina (acquired by Symantec) and Xiox Corporation. In addition, he held a VP and general manager position at NETCOM On-line, a publicly traded Internet services company. Ben enjoys golf and serves as a board member for several non-profit organizations. Like most audiophiles, he owns an abnormally large collection of vinyl records.

Francis AmalrajSVP of Engineering
Francis Amalraj
SVP of Engineering

Francis brings more than 25 years of IT, management, and leadership experience to HydroPoint. He oversees the engineering operation that builds, tests, and releases our smart network of IoT devices and various software applications. Under his purview, which extends to both onshore and offshore teams, HydroPoint increases technical reach and optimizes new products and services through agile engineering. In previous senior leadership roles at MegaPath and Fusion Connect, he worked cross-functionally to bring to life key software development that supported major business initiatives. Francis has deep experience bringing scalable, enterprise-level architecture through every stage of the engineering lifecycle.

Al Sonntag
VP of Operations

Al directs manufacturing, distribution, data delivery and IT operations for HydroPoint. His 30+ years of inventory management, procurement and IT experience has been instrumental in helping HydroPoint to achieve its considerable year-over-year company growth. Prior to joining HydroPoint in 2004, Al spent 16 years at Broderbund Software overseeing IT, operations and manufacturing, where he optimized external and internal supply chains, development processes and technical support infrastructure for multi-national direct-to-consumer sales and multi-channel retail distribution. Al owns and pilots his own airplane and also spends time scuba diving, windsurfing and mountain biking.

Nick Toyn
VP of Support

Nick is responsible for HydroPoint customer support, including technical support and training. He came to HydroPoint via the company’s acquisition of Baseline Systems, the premier provider of soil-moisture smart controllers, where he was VP of Marketing and Support Services. Prior to Baseline, he spent several years in sales and marketing roles with a global catalog and online retailer of consumer packaged goods. Nick spends his spare moments enjoying time with his wife and five kids, participating in church activities, and trying his hand at being a gentleman farmer. He is passionate about the outdoors and especially loves elk hunting.

Meg Mason
Senior Director of Marketing

Meg is responsible for ensuring HydroPoint has more conversations with potential customers and more engagement with existing customers. After various marketing and communications roles in finance and biotech, this role brings together Meg’s experience in sales and marketing with her natural inclination for data and analysis. She started her college years at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo as a soil science major, graduating with a biology degree, and is now able to put that knowledge into practice. She loves spending time outdoors with her family as they go to the beach, ride bikes, and hike throughout Sonoma County.

Charles Zaher
Regional VP, Channel Sales

Charles came to HydroPoint in 2007 having spent over 35 years in the irrigation industry in sales, marketing and business development positions. He holds a Master of Science degree in irrigation and soils management from the American University of Beirut, Lebanon. As the regional vice president of channel sales, Charles administers the company’s business development strategy, fosters strategic partner relationships and manages partner and distributor accounts. Prior to HydroPoint, he was employed at Hardie, Irridelco, Rain Bird, Thompson, and Signature. Charles is a frequent speaker on irrigation design, system components and water management strategies to both technical and business audiences. He recently helped raise $1 million for a major renovation project for his church. Charles also bikes, swims and plays tennis in his spare time.