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Travisso Case Study


Travisso is a master-planned community located northwest of Austin, Texas. The site covers 2,100 acres.

BaseManager makes it easy for the landscape maintenance crew to remotely manage this large system and its many zones.


In the first phase of development, Baseline controllers irrigate Travisso Parkway and the small pocket parks. Travisso Parkway is a 3/4 mile divided entry road landscaped with native plants. Baseline soil moisture sensors are being used to ensure that the irrigation system is delivering the right amount of water to the plantings.

Each controller has its own point of connection and is equipped with a Baseline flow meter. The site has a dual water supply infrastructure that will provide both potable and non-potable water to the landscaped areas. The irrigation controllers communicate through both Ethernet and Ethernet Radios. BaseManager enables the landscape managers to control the watering on their properties from a single location.