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Fair Oaks Ranch Neighborhood HOA and Stay Green, Inc. Reduce Water Costs by 18%

“Fair Oaks Ranch Neighborhood HOA significantly reduced water bills the first year. Despite continued water rate increases, we did not have to increase association dues for homeowners this year. We were able to re­apply funds to bigger landscape improvement projects, achieving greater water efficiency and long­-term environmental benefits.”

— Max Hobbs
Board President, Fair Oaks Ranch

Fair Oaks Ranch Neighborhood Homeowners Association (HOA) and Stay Green, Inc. saved more than 2 million gallons of water, reducing outdoor water consumption 18 percent within the first 12 months after installing a HydroPoint smart irrigation system.

The HOA. a community of single-family residences developed by Pardee Homes in Santa Clarita, California, has a long-time partnership  with Stay Green to create healthy, sustainable landscape across the neighborhood’s parks and common areas. After Stay Green updated the irrigation systems with HydroPoint WeatherTRAK smart irrigation controllers immediate savings were realized.

In order to eliminate harmful runoff, hardscape damage and any excess water waste, Stay Green installed six WeatherTRAK ET Pro2 controllers in the community’s highest water use areas. Landscapes of expansive turf, mixed shrubs and slopes, were targeted to achieve faster project payback and return on investment (ROI).

As a result of water savings generated by the pilot, the HOA replaced over 500 sprinkler nozzles with pop-up, pressure-regulated spray heads to make irrigation even more efficient. The Castaic Lake Water Agency and the Santa Clarita Water division helped finance these efforts with rebates. The cost savings from the spray heads and the WeatherTRAK controller technology upgrades have been invested in other landscape and infrastructure improvements.

“Stay Green presented HydroPoint to the Board as a proven smart water management solution that consistently delivers superior performance and reliable results,” said Grant Clack, Operations Manager at Stay Green.

“Stay Green is able to work more efficiently and  respond quickly to any changes in site conditions. By reducing the time spent making manual changes and adjustments to irrigation In the field, our team remains focused on plant health and landscape appearance,” Clack said.

Innovative tools like WeatherTRAK from HydroPoint and related best practices have helped Stay Green earn three trophy awards from the California Landscape Contractors Association for outstanding achievements in water management, landscape health and quality workmanship with clients in commercial markets and apartment, condo and townhome communities.