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Shadow Canyon HOA and Earth Co Create Water-Wise Landscapes

“The Shadow Canyon community achieved immediate results with HydroPoint. The Earthco team has consistently reduced our outdoor water use every month to deliver rapid project payback. Our water bill savings and our landscapes continue to thrive.”

— Jim Youtes
Board President,
Shadow Canyon Homeowners Association

Shadow Canyon Homeowners Association and Earthco Commercial Landscape saved more than two million gallons of water, reducing outdoor water consumption by 43.5 percent with HydroPoint. Residents at Shadow Canyon, a three acre condominium oasis surrounded by parks and a golf course in the Orange County, California neighborhood of Tustin Ranch, partnered with Earthco to retrofit the community’s common area landscapes with WeatherTRAK Smart Irrigation Controllers and centralized control from HydroPoint. WeatherTRAK eliminates harmful water runoff and hardscape damage while optimizing plant health and landscape appearance.

After installing WeatherTRAK smart irrigation controllers, Earthco and the Shadow Canyon community saved two million gallons of water the first year, despite record level summer temperatures, and were able to finance some of the project costs with rebates from local water agency programs. Community Manager Morgen Hardigree with Optimum Professional Property Management was a major proponent of installing HydroPoint solutions.

“Earthco handled all of the rebate paperwork., reducing my workload… The dollar savings in water usage have been earmarked for a variety of improvement projects to enhance value… “

Earthco uses WeatherTRAK Central cloud-based monitoring and control to track irrigation alerts, analyze system performance and immediately address water leaks to save time, money and water for the community. Creating greater operations efficiency also gives board members and property managers real-lime reporting and visibility to outdoor water use.

“Earthco monitors Irrigation schedules and alert notifications from the web, Smartphone or any mobile device to work more efficiently and respond quickly to any changes in site conditions,” said Kyle Morrison, Operations Manager at Earthco Commercial Landscape.