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Sanger Unified School District Case Study


The Sanger Unified School District in California’s San Joaquin Valley turned to Baseline to meet the challenges of maintaining their grounds during the ongoing water shortage.

With BaseManager, the Grounds Maintenance staff can reduce trips to various sites and still have a real-time view of what’s happening at each site


The district has installed Baseline irrigation controllers at most of their sites. They are using soil moisture sensors, and BHM hydrometers. On the large campuses, they are managing water sources with Baseline’s FlowStation shared flow controllers. The district’s irrigation controllers are wirelessly connected with Wi-Fi communication modules, which enables the Grounds Maintenance staff to operate the controllers with BaseManager.

Baseline Products

BaseStation 3200™
BaseStation 1000™
biSensor™ Soil Moisture Sensors
BHM Series Hydrometers

Project Highlight

-Challenge of maintaining grounds
during water shortage
-Baseline reduced amount of trips to sites
while still giving real-time view of each site