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Pine Creek Village Saves 2.8 Million Gallons of Water in 7 Months with WeatherTRAK

“The controllers from HydroPoint deliver proven results and tremendous time savings, applying precise amounts of water only when plants need it while still complying with our limited irrigation windows.”

— Kevin Hunt
Business Development Manager,
Timberline Landscaping Inc.


  • 2.8 millon gallons of water saved in 7 months
  • Deflected 53% water rate increase
  • 24/7 visibility to irrigation schedules and monthly water budgets

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Pine Creek Village Homeowners Association in Colorado Springs, CO saved 2.8 million gallons of water in one seven month irrigation season, cutting costs significantly through the use of HydroPoint smart water management technologies. Timberline Landscaping Inc., a leading landscape contractor in Colorado, has managed Pine Creek Village’s landscape for six years and recommended HydroPoint smart water management as a solution to create immediate reductions in water use.

After installing five HydroPoint WeatherTRAK smart irrigation controllers and substantially reducing outdoor water consumption, Pine Creek Village continues to upgrade its irrigation system, adding more controllers across the 58 acres of landscape.

“Our water rates have increased by fifty-three percent over the last few years, but our actual water cost has only increased by twenty-seven percent,” says Pine Creek Board Secretary Ed Neckar. “The significant savings achieved prompted us to implement WeatherTRAK throughout the community.”

Pine Creek and Timberline partnered on the project with CPS Distributors. CPS is the largest wholesale distributor of professional pump, irrigation and landscape supplies in the Rocky Mountain region, with nine branch locations in Colorado and two in Wyoming. Contractors and property managers benefit from the knowledge shared by HydroPoint product specialists at CPS, and the phone and field support that ensures customer issues are quickly and comprehensively addressed.

Pine Creek Board Members and the Timberline team monitor and manage water use 24/7 across the 58 acres of landscaped areas, including parks, trails, common areas and streetscapes, via HydroPoint Central. The online reporting features and remote visibility to irrigation schedules and monthly watering budgets optimize staff efficiency while the WeatherTRAK scheduling engine dynamically adjusts water requirements as local weather conditions change.

“WeatherTRAK automates irrigation with two-way central control, remote alerts and programmable parameters specific to plants, soil, and slope,” explains Timberline Account Manager Max Gerlock. “WeatherTRAK’s efficient technology eliminates water waste and the manual programming required by the original controllers.”


  • Through automated, adjustable irrigation – Based on soil type, plant type, sun exposure and other user-chosen factors, Pine Creek automated their watering schedules
  • By protecting large areas of property – through usage information, alarms and analysis that’s available online
  • By preventing leaks and breaks – through the capacity to monitor, fault and turn off all running stations
  • By monitoring water flow – through multi-user access via a secure log-in, HydroPoint can monitor six flow functions independently, and analyze user-defined threshold flow values, plus use smart alerts and email notifications