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Cushman Wakefield Owned Shopping Center Reduces Water Waste with WeatherTRAK

“HydroPoint protects our property by preventing runoff. We save tens of thousands in re-paving, patching and other maintenance costs.”

— Chuck Champion
Portfolio Manager, Cushman & Wakefield


  • Reduced water use by 675,000 gallons in the first eight months
  • Project ROI in less than 1 year

Originally built in the 1950s, the West Gate Shopping Center in San Leandro, California is a large, 580,000 sq. ft. strip mall anchored by Wal-Mart, Costco and Home Depot. When Chuck Champion of Cushman Wakefield took over as Portfolio Manager, he drew on his 39 years of property management experience to identify problem areas and implement upgrades to get West Gate Shopping Center looking its best.

Along with the property, Champion inherited an antiquated irrigation system including traditional timer-based devices set on a 7-day watering schedule. The site’s attractive mix of shrubs and grass received plenty of water. In fact, the timers irrigated in any kind of weather, leading to water waste and potential liability caused by standing water and slick hardscapes.

Champion requested a review of outdoor water use from the HydroPoint team based on the size of its site, plant type and its current irrigation practices. The HydroPoint water management experts suggested retrofitting the old timers with WeatherTRAK smart irrigation controllers. In the first 8 months, WeatherTRAK reduced water waste by 675,000 gallons or 60% outdoor water cost savings, with less than a year on payback on their total investment. And the landscape continued to thrive.

Hear tips and best practices for saving water in this 30 min video showcasing Clint Collins, senior director of landscape operations at highly acclaimed real-estate investment firm, The Irvine Company.

Beyond reducing water costs, the West Gate Shopping Center avoids property damage caused by runoff flowing from overwatered landscapes. Leading to shallow pools of standing water, runoff wreaks havoc on parking lots and hardscapes. Champion can expect the lifespan of the site’s newly repaved parking lot to be 30% longer. Additionally, West Gate’s curb appeal attracts tenants and shoppers, driving revenue. Further, by eliminating chronic overwatering, the WeatherTRAK system also reduces slip-fall hazards.