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City Parks Department Replaces Aging Irrigation Infrastructure with Remote Access, Saving Time & Manpower

“It feels as if we added a new staff member to our team.”

— Mike Del Campo
Parks Supervisor


  • Improved landscape team efficiency
  • Reduced overtime and weekend site visits
  • Automated alerts and reports


Santa Rosa, California, is known for its natural beauty and green spaces. The Santa Rosa Parks Department is tasked with upholding that reputation by maintaining 65 parks, as well as traffic islands, medians and other city landscapes. As is the case with many cities, they’re also faced with the challenges of working with antiquated and inefficient maintenance systems. The understaffed parks crew was physically driving to the many sites they maintain, some of which are fairly far from the city center, to troubleshoot issues and hand-set their analog irrigation timers. In light of these challenges and limitations, compounded by the California governor’s mandate to reduce water usage, Parks Supervisor Mike del Campo knew they had to look for a better solution.


Del Campo wanted a web-based system with remote access that offered reporting capabilities. HydroPoint solutions fit the bill perfectly. Del Campo started out with 11 HydroPoint WeatherTRAK controllers strategically installed in the parks furthest away from the city center, thereby immediately reducing his crew’s daily travel time and improving operational efficiency.

Since the Santa Rosa Parks Department started using WeatherTRAK, del Campo says it feels as if they’ve added another employee to their team. They’ve eliminated driving to sites on a daily basis to perform routine checks, schedule changes and maintenance, reduced team overtime and eliminated many weekend calls. With WeatherTRAK’s alerts and notifications, they’re immediately notified of exactly what is awry and, using the remote system access, they’ve saved labor hours and dollars. What’s more, with the detailed reports that WeatherTRAK can generate, del Campo is able to easily and accurately share the results of his team’s hard work.

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