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Bakersfield College Case Study


Bakersfield College is a public community college located on a 153-acre campus on the bluffs in Bakersfield, California. In 2014, Memorial Stadium on the Bakersfield College campus underwent a long awaited renovation. The playing field had worn spots and an uneven surface, which actually made it unsafe for sporting events.

“I cannot tell you enough how using BaseManager has decreased the labor time to field check my valves and sprinklers. My assistant now has time to perform other duties within the work day.”

-Patrick Harrison, Athletic Fields Complex Manager,
Bakersfield College


The project leveled the playing area, replaced the turf and installed an automatic irrigation system. A BaseStation 3200 irrigation controller and several biSensor soil moisture sensors are being used to prevent overwatering of the newly renovated field. Patrick Harrison, Athletic Fields Complex Manager, operates the BaseStation 3200controller with BaseManager using Mobile Access on his smart phone so he does not to have to make a trip to the controller or to the central computer