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Alliance Residential Achieves 40-50% Water Savings as Part of Focus Green Program

“The system accuracy, sophistication, and water, dollar & time savings make HydroPoint an excellent choice.”

— Kelly Vickers
National Director of Sustainability,
Alliance Residential Company

40 to 50%

reduction in outdoor water use

100% system ROI

in under 2 years

Thousand of dollars

in rebates


Alliance Residential Company is one of the largest private multi-family companies in the country, with a presence in 19 states and 29 metropolitan markets. Their portfolio includes a mix of building types from garden-style to high-rise, with diverse landscaping and watering needs. Many of their properties were consistently being overwatered leading to costly water bills and potential hazards. In some regions, they faced drought conditions, stiff water regulations, rising utility costs, and increasing operating expenses. With a commitment to reducing expenses and becoming more sustainable in the process, Alliance was motivated to implement an outdoor smart water management solution.


When evaluating outdoor irrigation systems, the WeatherTRAK® smart irrigation system stood out because of its proven track record in performance and water savings. It also allowed Alliance to be proactive with their water management, according to Kelly Vickers, Director of Sustainability at Alliance. “The product is sophisticated but not complicated to use and the level of training and support is a huge benefit to our on-site teams. It’s precise, zone-based, and allows effective watering across a diverse array of landscapes and climates,” she said.

After installing WeatherTRAK controllers at sites in the northwest, Alliance immediately saw significant savings, exceeding their expectations – of 40-50%. Most surprisingly was their ability to cut their water consumption in half in one of their rainiest markets, Washington State. “In a wet climate, it’s not as easy to see when your system is malfunctioning. Those signs are visible much quicker in a drier climate. However, we’ve still seen our water consumption cut in half in those markets.” In addition to the extensive water savings the smart controllers provide, Alliance has benefited from a decrease in energy demand, reduction in operating expenses, and better overall risk management. Vickers added, “the system accuracy, sophistication, and water, dollar and time savings make HydroPoint an excellent choice.”