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Irrigation System Tips – Find Your Smart Water Solution

If you manage a property – be it corporate, public, municipal or other – that property likely uses too much water. That’s where a smart irrigation system comes in. Tightly managing your water use can mean significant savings, both environmentally and financially. HydroPoint smart water management can address long-term water shortages and environmental concerns about runoff pollution. HydroPoint smart irrigation controllers are EPA WaterSense proven to reduce runoff pollution by 71%.

HydroPoint has been a long-time industry leader in smart water management technology by helping organizations:

  • Lower water usage and bills
  • Continually track usage and budget with notification of atypical use
  • Improve operational efficiency, including remote management and fewer site visits
  • Oversee contractor and employee performance
  • Experience a compelling ROI
  • Lower risk and liability
  • Protect property investment
  • Make measurable progress toward sustainability goals

If those are goals you share, you’re not alone. 5 of the largest Big Box retailers, 9 of the 10 largest high-tech companies, 5 of the 10 largest hospitality companies and many others use HydroPoint smart water management. When you’re looking for the best irrigation system, the industry leaders at HydroPoint can help.

Centralized Monitoring and Control Are Key to Smart Water Management
Managing water requires being where the water is. Since you can’t physically be on site 24/7, centralized monitoring, control and access offers you better visibility on water usage and status. You’ll save time and money while managing your water more effectively.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

  • Monitor from any device via an Internet browser vs. an immobile, dedicated device
  • Smartphone and tablet access to support workers in the field
  • Allow setting changes at either the controller or remotely
  • Allow setting changes across multiple controllers, even on different sites vs. one controller at a time
  • Locate sites and controllers using GPS to save time

“The usability from a technician’s standpoint is huge. It only takes us a couple clicks to make changes with WeatherTRAK, whereas it would take up to a half-hour to make those same changes with a competitor’s controller.”

– Daniel Levine, Maintenance Manager at ValleyCrest Landscape

Alerts and Notifications

  • Be alerted of issues in real time, not based on user-initiated requests or at a set time once per day
  • Unlimited number of alerts sent to as many people as specified
  • Alerts sent via SMS (text) or email

Built-in Communications

  • Controller communications capabilities built in at the start
  • Communications should not introduce additional complexity (think IT support, installation and maintenance) or hidden costs

HydroPoint makes water – both indoors and out – simpler to manage through visibility and automation. How can we help you initiate a money-saving smart water management plan?