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3 Tips to Reduce Water Waste

Saving water with smart water technology saves money.

Because the EPA estimates that 50% of outdoor water use is wasted, we asked facilities managers to share a few tips to help you reduce water waste using the latest smart water technology.

Get on top of water leaks (or breaks!) as quickly as possible

Often, water leaks are detected only after a large water bill arrives. Because water leaks can develop at any hour, it would be handy to receive notifications when they occur. With new technology, excessive water use alerts can be sent to designated employees around the clock. How do you know if your water is leaking? There are simple things to look for.

Gain access to actionable water use data

When you’re managing multiple properties, it can be difficult to troubleshoot water issues. New smart water management solutions allow facility managers to drill down from total water usage to performance metrics by site or area. Nothing gives better feedback than real-time, actionable data.

Use smart water technology to stay in compliance with water conservation mandates

Certain regions experiencing drought conditions have implemented water conservation mandates. Newer cloud-based software, not only provides real-time visibility and control of multiple sites from a desktop or mobile device. It also provides dashboards and other reporting features, to help managers more easily ensure compliance with water conservation mandates.

We help facility managers save water, time, and money.  For more information, see why Lockheed Martin and other companies chose our WeatherTRAK and other smart water management solutions.

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