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10 Reasons to Consider HydroPoint as Your Partner in Smart Water Management

1. Proven. Nearly 20 independent studies conducted by government, water agencies and universities show us saving more water than competing solutions, consistently achieving 95% maximum water conservation potential.

2. You’ll be in good company. We’ve been adopted by:

  • 7 of the 10 largest real estate companies
  • 4 of the 5 largest Big Box retailers
  • Over 200 municipalities and school districts
  • 9 of the 10 largest high-tech companies
  • 27 Fortune 100 companies

3. All the benefits of the cloud. Our cloud-based architecture offers numerous benefits, including better visibility, improved operational efficiency and the ability to manage your water from virtually anywhere rather than from a single computer.

4. Built-in, hassle-free communications. Just say no to radios, repeaters, DSL, cable modems, phone lines, FCC licenses, cell phone contracts, or needing assistance from an IT department even when firewalls are involved.

5. Most accurate weather data in the business. We base our automated watering schedules on the most sophisticated weather data in the business, checked daily by a team of climate scientists. We’re accurate down to one square kilometer within 2% of what an on-site weather station would provide.

6. Scalable for large, complex needs. We can control up to 96 stations on a single controller. Our unique flow solutions help reduce trenching and can be shared among more than one controller. Our solutions fit organizations of all sizes, from a single property up to a campus or portfolio of properties.

7. Lauded by the EPA. We’re EPA WaterSense certified, the standard for irrigation performance, and achieved that distinction with perfect scores. In addition, in 2014 we were named the EPA WaterSense Manufacturer Partner of the Year, the first time a smart irrigation manufacturer received the award.

8. Smart water management both indoors and out. We offer water visibility and monitoring – indoors and out – from irrigation to domestic water, water-based fire suppression systems and cooling towers.

9. Expert, bilingual assistance. We have technical support experts available to help six days per week in English or Spanish, field-based product specialists and a team of Sustainability Services professionals delivering turnkey solutions, all to help you save water, money and time.

10. Compelling ROI and risk-free. Our solutions provide some of the fastest ROI of any sustainability or conservation project you can undertake. Still considering your options? Pilot test our solutions – there’s no risk, no fee, no obligation. And, we offer 100% financing to boot.