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Smart Water Management for Retail Companies

Solutions to save water, eliminate waste, and improve operational efficiency — all with an ROI of under 3 years

Real-time water management

Our smart irrigation, leak monitoring, and water use analytics technology is proven to keep water use under control and under budget. HydroPoint has been helping retail buildings manage their water use for 20+ years, including:

  • Retail Stores – both small and large, including convenience stores, grocers, and gas stations, helping them reduce their water use and carbon footprint
  • Warehouses and Shipping Centers – providing 24/7 visibility and leak notifications across the entire site, even after staff has gone home
  • Restaurants – fast food drive-thrus, stand-alone chains, and food courts – eliminating water waste that comes from many food preparation appliances
  • Shopping Centers and Malls – from cooling towers to outdoor landscape irrigation, visibility of tenant’s water use helps boost the property owners’ bottom line

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Track and manage water use with real-time visibility and control

The WaterCompass service provides real-time leak notifications and water use visibility and reporting — helping retail companies eliminate water waste, protect property assets, and operate more efficiently.

Take control of your outdoor
water use

As much as 50% of the water used for outdoor watering is lost due to inefficient irrigation systems, so many retail companies tackle this low-hanging fruit first.