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Why WeatherTRAK Irrigation Controllers
should be your smart irrigation solution


There are many ‘smart’ irrigation solutions on the market today, and if you are selecting a new provider for your property or site, you are faced with too many options and choices. And you never know how ‘smart’ it truly is. Picking one irrigation controller from the lineup is never simple – luckily we made the decision easy for you.

Here is a list of reasons Why WeatherTRAK should be YOUR smart irrigation solution:

WeatherTRAK Delivers Water Savings – Reduce your sites’ water by 25-40% by eliminating water waste and run-off, only watering the right amount at the right time. Not only are you saving water, but also saving in water costs – some customers have saved millions of dollars annually in water expenses in larger deployments.

WeatherTRAK is Proven – In 25 research studies WeatherTRAK has been proven to:

  • Achieve 95% of conservation potential
  • Reduce water use between 16% and 59%
  • Reduce landscape run-off by 71%
  • Lead to plant and landscape health improvements

All while achieving EPA WaterSense certification and scoring a perfect score on the Smart Water Application Technology Smart Controller Protocol. WeatherTRAK has been proven to perform/excel time and time again.

WeatherTRAK is Reliable and Dependable – We stand behind every irrigation controller and are constantly evolving our best-in-class technology. Plus, every controller comes with our industry-leading warranty. And with our Worry-free Wireless warranty included with all new controllers, at no extra charge, you never have to worry about the cellular technology becoming outdated on your product. HydroPoint has you covered, worry-free.

WeatherTRAK Is Effortless to Install & Easy to Use – Other providers require you to purchase many different accessories like external weather stations or radio service modules in order for the controller to work to its maximum efficiency. WeatherTRAK has taken the headache away for you – everything you need will come in one easy to install and use box – with a cellular service CIM chip already installed. All you have to do is call to activate the controller and WeatherTRAK Central service, and you will be up and running immediately.

WeatherTRAK Delivers the Support You Need – Our technical support team is available via phone or email 6 days per week – in both English and Spanish, to guide you through any questions you may have. Want to learn more about how to program or use the product? We have on-demand training courses available online for you to take at your leisure. Or find the topic you are interested in and watch it from our how-to video library, from your desk or in the field on your phone. Wherever you are – we have the support available for you.

WeatherTRAK Offers Different Options for Different Needs – Whether you have one small site or a portfolio of large campuses – there is a WeatherTRAK controller to fit your needs!

  • WeatherTRAK LC + : this easy to use, conventional controller is perfect for the individual property, with up to 36 stations, and full WeatherTRAK Central power with a starting price under $1,000.
  • WeatherTRAK ET Pro3: This is our flagship most common controller – available in either conventional or 2-wire, and can go up to 200 valves. This controller is perfect for the traditional larger commercial site.
  • WeatherTRAK OptiFlow XR: This controller is the perfect fit for larger sites with more complex flow site that enables multiple controllers to utilize the same water source.

WeatherTRAK Reporting and Data at your Fingertips – We live and breathe data, computing more than 8 million weather data numbers daily – to provide each controller an accurate evapotranspiration value down to the square kilometer. This superior weather data and site analytics allows you to proactively manage your water budget, water windows and stay in compliance. Plus, all the data and records are stored in your account in the cloud. Never worry when you switch landscape companies – none of that data will leave, simply transfer login details to your new provider, and they will be ready to manage your sites on day one.

 WeatherTRAK Remote Access & Control – no longer is “central control” managed via one designated on-site computer. Now WeatherTRAK controllers can be managed remotely, from any connected device from a laptop to a mobile phone. The WeatherTRAK Mobile app even has GIS geolocating service so you are able to map all a site’s assets, remotely, while you are on the move.

WeatherTRAK Increases Staff Efficiency with System Alerts & Notification – Whether it is your staff that maintains your landscape – or you outsource it to another provider – WeatherTRAK streamlines workflow and immediately provides notification if something is amiss. Broken sprinkler valve in the middle of the night or on a weekend – no problem. With the free mobile app you will be notified immediately and you can make changes to the system from anywhere. No longer are after hours overtime site visits needed.

WeatherTRAK has Fast Return on Investment – Based on water cost savings alone – the typical ROI is under 3 years. But add in smart irrigation rebates plus any labor and efficiency savings as well – and your actual ROI could be ever faster! Not to mention your vibrant and healthy landscape will boost your property value.

Who uses WeatherTRAK?

  • 4 out of top 5 major box retailers
  • Over 100 major cities
  • Hundreds of schools and universities
  • The #1 property management company
  • 3 out of 4 of the largest HOA management companies

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