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HydroPoint Releases New Drought & Water Compliance Management Tools for WeatherTRAK® Smart Irrigation System

Improves site-specific water conservation & compliance while offering end-to-end drought management & reporting at a time when much of the U.S. faces water shortages and increasing water rates & fines


“As a veteran provider of smart water management solutions for urban landscapes and a company headquartered in one of the regions hardest hit by the ongoing drought, we knew we had to evolve our Web-based tools to help our customers better configure and manage their drought response and water window compliance. We also knew that current flow management accessories on the market fell short at a time when we cannot afford to waste even a drop of water,” said Chris Spain, President & CEO of HydroPoint. “Our Spring Release specifically tackles these issues enhancing our industry-leading water savings capabilities while optimizing water management and overall work flow.”

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New WeatherTRAK® Central™ Drought & Water Compliance Management Tools:

Drought-Manager-Screen-Shot-for-Web-FINALDROUGHT MANAGER – Manage your Site’s compliance during droughts
WeatherTRAK’s new Drought Manager helps site managers proactively setup, track and manage compliance for each stage of a water agency’s drought program. It also provides the site’s updated state specific U.S. Drought Monitor information and Drought Map as well as recommendations on how users can best utilize WeatherTRAK’s robust feature set to quickly and easily make controller changes. Features include:
Site Specific Drought Stage Classification
Users first select the site’s water agency and the application automatically determines the current drought stage, associated drought restrictions and recommendations for support water agencies.
Create Site Specific Drought Response Plans
Users enter how they want to respond to each drought stage’s restrictions and recommendations. These changes can include making programming changes across multiple controllers using Station Grouping or simple policy changes such as limiting manual irrigation. To track and verify that the site is irrigating in the appropriate window see the site water window compliance management tool below.
Manage and Verify Site Drought Response Plan Implementation
Site’s water manager can review, make notes and implement the site’s response plan and then indicate that the site is now in compliance with the water agencies drought stage requirements.
Multi site Drought Restrictions Compliance Tracking
For users with multiple sites, the portfolio manager can easily track the status of each site’s compliance using the new Drought Manager Account Report and Drought Manager Site Report.

WATER WINDOW COMPLIANCE TOOL- Ensure water window and water day policy compliance
Sites can have complex water window requirements based on a site’s usage requirements or water agency restrictions. WeatherTRAK’s new Water Window Compliance tool allows users to easily enter a single or multi-site water window policy. Once a policy is entered users can monitor and easily verify in a visual compliance calendar that your WeatherTRAK controllers are irrigating within site’s water window policy. Features include:
Create Single or Multi-Site Water Window Policies
Assign policy to one or more sites from Site Detail or Drought Manager screens
Analyze Site & Account Water Window Compliance
Analyze each program’s water window and calculates if irrigation is within the site’s allowed water window
Use Simple Diagnostic Reports to Determine Specific Non-Compliant Settings
Determine controller / program specific non-compliance using Controller Settings Detail Report. This report provides simple visual “green/red” 24 hours x 30 day compliance calendar. It also highlights available water window days / times that not currently being utilized that still meet site’s policy.

Updated WeatherTRAK Central Features:

• Easily compare any two metrics in Budget Manager Dashboard
Users can now easily compare any two metrics on the Site Budget Manager Dashboard. This includes the ability to compare in either consumption units or dollars.
• Expanded graph options for dashboard
Using the new dashboard option selectors, user can now quickly see the information they want in either a simple line chart or a bar chart.
Compare Multiple Sites or Multiple Accounts Consumption or Budget
Using the Budget Comparison Report, user can now compare up to four different sites or accounts. This provides for simple site to site comparison and can be especially useful when comparing similar sites.
Compare Year over Year Consumption or Budgets
Easily compare a site’s or account’s consumption or dollars over multiple years using the Budget Comparison Report. Users can compare any budget, water bill, measured usage or estimated usage for up to four different years. Alternatively, users can compare two years for two different sites accounts.

ADVANCED ACCOUNT ADMINISTRATION Authorized users can manage their own account rights
WeatherTRAK.net now provides authorized users the ability to manage their own account rights. WeatherTRAK.net’s new advanced administration management provides multi-level access management making it easier for administrators to manage users. Features include:
• Ability to add or remove users access to WeatherTRAK.net
• Grant users access to specific controllers, specific sites or the entire account
• Provides full access control while minimizing administrative overhead
• Limit access to Budget Manager, Site Asset Manager
• Limit user to WeatherTRAK Mobile only login
• Extensive reporting using the Site Administration Report, Account Inventory Report and Account Security Report detailing which users have access to what accounts, site and controllers
Only account authorized users can become administrators. To discuss authorizing an account administrator contact HydroPoint support at support@hydropoint.com.

CONTROLLER REPORTINGAnalyze Controller Settings Changes for Multiple Controllers
Easily monitor and analyze controller settings changes including who made the change, what specific setting change was made and when the change was made. WeatherTRAK.net’s new Multi-Controller Change Analysis Report provides users an easier format to review and analyze controller setting changes. As with all WeatherTRAK reports, the Multi-Controller Change Analysis Report is exportable to either PDF or Microsoft Excel™ and is also available as a scheduled report so it can be emailed to one or more users on a scheduled basis. This new report puts each setting change into a row so it can be easily accessed, sorted and analyzed.

Advanced Flow Management:

Drop-in flow management and master valve control for sites with multiple WeatherTRAK controllers

“WeatherTRAK FlowShare is a very simple and straight-forward installation. I handed the box to the customer, stepped back, and let him do the installation. He had no problems at all.”
– Joe Jackson, Sprinkler Supply Company

Contact us today to learn more about our newest WeatherTRAK enhancements and benefit from increased water conservation and savings while enjoying unprecedented water management from any Internet-connected device.

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