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The Proven Leader in Smart Irrigation is Now Your Partner in Site-Wide Water Analysis


HydroPoint leverages its cloud-based platform and expertise in water analysis and management to provide its customers and partners with water-related monitoring, analysis and diagnostics. We help you identify your most significant inefficiencies to target water saving initiatives. Real-time alerts, leak detection and monitoring prevent catastrophic damage to properties.

Our Hydro Analytics services support your efforts to save money and prevent damages.

360° Water Footprinting

  • GHG and sustainability audits on the horizon? HydroPoint gives you a complete overview of your current usage, potential issues, and opportunities for reduction.

Conservation Project Potential Analysis

  • Need to assess the potential of smart irrigation and indoor monitoring measures?  We help you identify conservation resources or improve the health of your water system assets, analyzing individual savings potential, projects’ Return on Investment and the financial metrics that matter to your organization.

Conservation Project Measurement and Verification

  • Already implemented a project and want to understand its impact? Our dedicated team of analysts can assess the performance of individual projects, including factor normalization for weather and other changes year over year. Let our team of experts and our modeling tools make the reporting for rebates or other requirements easy for you.

Water Forensics

  • Not sure where your water is going? Our services leverage flow sensors and other technologies to help you pinpoint how your water system is performing, and whether you have leaks, water theft or other anomalies that are costing you money.