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Outdoor Solutions Overview

The Proven Leader In Smart Water Management

Thousands of businesses rely on WeatherTRAK® Smart Water Management solutions for for superior savings, operational efficiency, and healthy buildings and landscapes. WeatherTRAK adjusts irrigation schedules based on plant needs and local weather conditions, resulting in higher property values, lower water bills and a healthier environment.

WeatherTRAK Controllers

WeatherTRAK controllers serve both commercial and residential properties.


Thumbnail-WeatherTRAK-ET-Pro3Gold standard controller serving 12 to 48 stations with several enclosure options. WeatherTRAK Central control provides a feature-rich experience to optimize field time and truck rolls while automating water savings. WeatherTRAK ET Pro3 2-Wire Solutions expand the install and design options.


WeatherTRAK LC Central_door offSized right for commercial and residential landscapes, this solution is easy to deploy, use and maintain. The LC Central automates irrigation for 6, 12 or 18 stations and is smartphone-friendly. Cost-effective central control right out of the box.

WeatherTRAK Flow Management

WeatherTRAK solutions provide your retrofit site with cost-effective flow management to minimize trenching. Leveraging WeatherTRAK Central control to provide real-time visibility and advanced analytics, you can protect your site against leaks and breaks.


flowlink_150x150cSmall components mounted with the controller and existing field wires keep the flow sensing solution safe and out of site. No radios required – a direct overwire communication path for cost-effective installation and management



flowshare_150x150cWeatherTRAK FlowShare was designed to provide easy integration of flow management and direct master valve control between two or more WeatherTRAK smart controllers. It’s an affordable, “drop-in” accessory providing instant response to on-site water breaks and leaks


+ WeatherTRAK.NET

The most advanced web-based central management solution provides visibility, diagnostics and control to single or multiple sites from anywhere. An easy-to-use interface provides true monitoring and oversight. Historical reports can be exported for recording or presentation purposes too.

+ WeatherTRAK Mobile

Smartphone and ipad application empowers landscape professionals and property owners to manage and respond to 24/7 alerts. Rapid response makes it easy to remotely adjust programs and schedules as local site conditions change.

+ WeatherTRAK Scheduling Engine

WeatherTRAK Scheduling Engines automate irrigation schedules using proven technology. Optimal irrigation schedules address plant, soil, slope and sprinkler type to manage to the true water budget for each zone of your landscape. Gain control over water windows,water days and manual watering.

+ WeatherTRAK ET Everywhere™

HydroPoint’s Climate Center compiles 8 million data points daily to calculate and deliver site-specific, local weather data accurate down to one square kilometer to each controller. Precision scheduling engines deliver just the right amount of water where its needed, when its needed.

+ WeatherTRAK Support

HydroPoint’s commitment to quality begins with the design and production of your WeatherTRAK smart irrigation solution and extends throughout the life of your WeatherTRAK service. Our proactive customer service makes it easy for you to enjoy healthy landscapes and substantial water savings year after year.